Carob Melon Smoothie & A Bonus Recipe for Caffeine-Free + Sugar-Free Frozen Latte!

Feed Your Beauty

carob melon smoothie

Today’s lucky number is two.

Not only am I posting two days in a row, but it’s also a two-fer Tuesday special!

I know, it’s almost too much.

carob melon

If you’ve ever scrolled through my Recipe page, then it comes as no surprise that I love smoothies. I have more smoothies and milkshake recipes than any other category. It’s just way too much fun to come up with yummy and sweet combinations (with no added sugar), each sip brimming with its own unique health and beauty benefits.

Summ-ah Time

Today’s blend is the perfect summer fusion of flavors and textures. This Carob Melon Smoothie has the most delicious creamy, icy, milky texture, thanks to a generous amount of frozen cantaloupe. If you’ve never tried cantaloupe in a smoothie, I strongly encourage it! This juicy fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, great for supporting healthy skin. It’s high water…

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