5 Ways to Increase Your Vitamin D Intake | Vegan Food | Living | PETA

5 Ways to Increase Your Vitamin D Intake | Vegan Food | Living | PETA.

Eldad Hagar [Hope for Paws] rescues a stray dog in Costa Rica. Please share.

Sherlockian's Blog

Please share the video and help find a forever home.

Please visit Eldad Hagar’s web site, Hope for Paws and if possible, make a donation to support his life saving work.

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Serbia: June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag

alex logo

To donate and see lots more, please click on the following:




azil 1

June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

If you can help this dog shelter which has been running for years to help animals around the Subotica region, then please do so.  It does not matter the size of your donation – anything at all will help with the dailt costs.

Andrea, who is a volunteer at the shelter, sends the following plea for help:

Today, things have escalated in shelter “Alex” to the point where the only person who runs the shelter has no strength to run it anymore and is willing to surrender it to other people.  The pressure comes from another which is getting lots of support.

The shelter is full. No matter how hard we try to advertise the shelter, to share our dogs, to introduce other…

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Three Dogs Saved – But Does the Pope Care?


Thanks to the power of social media, our previous blog “Pope’s Visit to Sarajevo Means Death for Dogs” has been viewed over 2000 times. Thanks also to the power of social media, the fundraiser posted on that blog for “Caki” Bravo has nearly reached its goal. Caki is one of the rescuers involved in desperately trying to save dogs from the dog catchers who were removing dogs in preparation for the Pope’s visit yesterday.

Caki was out on the streets yesterday, along with Edina Pasic of Andjeo Sarajevo and others, trying to save dogs who they have fed for years.

Three dogs that we know of were saved…
11303720_10203933221431649_1483654689_nThis elderly female dog above was always with a friendly male dog in the area. Sadly people saw dog catchers taking him and so she was the only one in the area that was left. She was rescued and taken to safety.

This is survivor number two .. a…

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Michigan Couple getting Prosthetic Hind Leg for Pet Donkey

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Dr. Terry Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy in Rochester hills fits Miss Daisy Donkey’s right hind leg for prosthesis. Photo submitted by Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy.

Miss Daisy is a mellow, easy going miniature donkey who lives in Independence Township.

She has long, brown hair, loves people, is about 30 inches tall and weighs less than 200 pounds.

She is also missing a hoof.

With the help of local veterinarians and her owners, Miss Daisy will soon be able to run without a hobble, thanks to a relatively new process of fitting of an animal prosthesis on her hind leg.

She will be the first donkey in Michigan to have this procedure done, according to experts.

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Global commercial banana supply threatened by fungus, lack of genetic diversity in monoculture

The Secular Jurist

Six decades after a banana-killing fungus all but wiped out plantations across Latin America, a new strain threatens to destroy global harvests.

A type of Fusarium wilt appeared this year in Australia’s main banana-growing state after spreading to Asia and Africa. While the fungus has been around since the 1990s and has yet to affect top exporter Ecuador, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. called it a potential “big nightmare.” The United Nations says the disease threatens supply, and Latin American growers are taking steps to limit the risk.


“The monoculture, the reliance on a single banana breed [Cavendish] that makes all this possible [commercial viability] — that makes the low margins work — also makes that fruit very susceptible to disruption,” said Dan Koeppel, who has traveled to 30 countries to sample varieties and wrote Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World. “The biggest problem…

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Ten Ways to Really Enjoy Tofu

Blame It on Love

First to get the negative out of the way:

There’s a real reason the meat/egg/dairy industries have Woman-eating-tofu-007pretty thoroughly turned soy into a scary forbidden food in the minds of the uninformed, uninterested or gullible. It’s because tofu and other soy foods are simply awesome, and can be used to replace all three animal food groups…meat, dairy and eggs. So tofu is seen as a significant threat to some moneyed interests, and they’ve used their wealth effectively to demonize soy foods. Without being prepared and knowledgable of their agenda, it’s easy to look up soy info online and be directed to sites that warn us of all sorts of terrible dangers from consuming soy. But those sites are usually front groups for animal agriculture interests. So please don’t be taken in by them.

And no, I have no interests in selling any soy foods or any foods for that matter…I “sell” nothing except…

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The Amazing Healing Powers of Animals: Caleb’s Story

My Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: Sean Freese via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Sean Freese via CC Flickr

This is a story of a young boy, Caleb, who was involved on a horrible accident which left him with various broken bones and a severe brain injury. Doctors said that he would probably never recover…or live at all.

Along came a therapy dog, named Colonel, that would change this little boys life, and his family forever.

It is fascinating to me how God can sometimes work His miracles through animals. It really does remind me of the true reason why God made animals and allowed them to live with us side by side.

This story is an amazing one…one that will touch your heart in a special way and warm your heart and, hopefully, remind you that there is always hope for a miracle when a situation may seem impossible.

This video clip will almost certainly bring a tear to your eye…so…

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China: Local Justice For Dog Thief

How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Censored emails show US govt concern about Fukushima radiation on West Coast of USA


text ionisingFlag-USACensored US gov’t emails reveal proposed plan to test West Coast residents for Fukushima fallout — “Many cases of cancer may end up being attributed to exposures” — Doses could exceed EPA’s emergency levels — UC Berkeley Nuclear Dept.: “Prompt action should be taken” http://enenews.com/govt-emails-reveal-proposed-plan-test-west-coast-residents-fukushima-radiation-many-cases-cancer-being-attributed-exposures-doses-could-exceed-epas-emergency-levels?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ENENews+%28Energy+News%29

FOIA Document — Excerpts from email by Per Peterson, Chair of Dept. of Nuclear Engineering at Univ.of California Berkeley & scientific adviser to Energy Secretary Steven Chu , Mar 23, 2011 at 1:35p (emphasis added):

  • [Sent to John Holdren, senior adviser to Pres. Obama on science & technology, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, DOE/NRC officials, and others who were redacted]
  • I would like to raise another issue which now merits expeditious, near term action. There is a short time window… during which it will remain possible to… measure any I-131 that members of the public may have ingested…
  • Collecting this data… would be very…

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Innocent Wolf Killed After Visitors Break Zoo Rules

Emilio Cogliani

A wolf has been killed due to repeated human error at one state’s zoo and people are outraged.

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from Green – The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1M5Sg5N

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Stop Hamilton Township, NJ and Babe Ruth baseball from killing managed cat colony

Carob Melon Smoothie & A Bonus Recipe for Caffeine-Free + Sugar-Free Frozen Latte!

Feed Your Beauty

carob melon smoothie

Today’s lucky number is two.

Not only am I posting two days in a row, but it’s also a two-fer Tuesday special!

I know, it’s almost too much.

carob melon

If you’ve ever scrolled through my Recipe page, then it comes as no surprise that I love smoothies. I have more smoothies and milkshake recipes than any other category. It’s just way too much fun to come up with yummy and sweet combinations (with no added sugar), each sip brimming with its own unique health and beauty benefits.

Summ-ah Time

Today’s blend is the perfect summer fusion of flavors and textures. This Carob Melon Smoothie has the most delicious creamy, icy, milky texture, thanks to a generous amount of frozen cantaloupe. If you’ve never tried cantaloupe in a smoothie, I strongly encourage it! This juicy fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, great for supporting healthy skin. It’s high water…

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One More Reason

Public comment period for Makah whaling request is extended to July 31 (Washington state, USA)

The ocean update

Makah tribal members celebrate on the back of a gray whale killed in the 1999 hunt as it is brought to the beach in Neah Bay. — The Associated Press Makah tribal members celebrate on the back of a gray whale killed in the 1999 hunt as it is brought to the beach in Neah Bay. — The Associated Press

June 4th, 2015 (James Casey). SEATTLE — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service has extended to July 31 the period for public comment on the Makah tribe’s request to resume whaling.

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40% of Europe’s sharks and rays face extinction, says IUCN

The ocean update

Angel shark, Squatina squatina, once abundant has drastically declined and has been declared locally extinct in the North Sea and also from large areas of the northern Mediterranean Sea. Photograph: Tony Gilbert/IUCN Angel shark, Squatina squatina, once abundant has drastically declined and has been declared locally extinct in the North Sea and also from large areas of the northern Mediterranean Sea. Photograph: Tony Gilbert/IUCN

June 3rd, 2015. New red list classifies 7.5% of all marine species as threatened with extinction in first full assessment of the continent’s oceanic biodiversity

About 40% of Europe’s sharks and rays are threatened with extinction, according to the authoritative red list’s first full assessment of Europe’s 1,220 marine species.

Where fish population trends could be measured, nearly a third were found to be in decline by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which publishes the list. The IUCN found 7.5% of all the continent’s marine species at risk of extinction – a number that jumps to 10% when ‘near threatened’ species are counted too.

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Trophy Hunting: Namibia’s Shame

Emilio Cogliani

In January 2014, the Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a permit to kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia under the guise of conservation. The Club is a not-for-profit institution, which means your tax dollars are supporting an organization that targets and kills endangered species.

Corey Knowlton won the auction for $350,000, and on May 18, he went to Namibia to kill a black rhino. This isn’t someone hunting to provide food for his family; rather he is a trophy hunter who wants to see the rhino’s head on his wall.

Supposedly, the money he paid would go to the government of Namibia to support anti-poaching and conservation efforts. Even more disturbing is that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service granted Knowlton permission to bring the animal’s carcass back to America.

This isn’t conservation. This is murder. Black rhinos have been hunted nearly to extinction, with only an estimated 5,000 left…

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Don’t take a seat: Panel says you should stand for 2 hours

Ethics Asylum

Image Credit: AP Photo/Alex Cossio, File

LONDON (AP) — Are you sitting down? In that case, you should probably stand up before reading this.

In the first advice of its kind, British experts are recommending office workers stand for at least two hours a day, in a warning against the dangers of prolonged sitting.

The guidelines were developed by a group of experts invited by Public Health England and an advocacy group and were published online Monday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The experts recommend people start with two hours of standing or light activity, adding they should eventually double that to four hours.

In recent years, the hazards of sitting too much have been compared to those of smoking, with research suggesting people who spend most of their days seated are more likely to be fat, have heart problems, cancer and even die earlier.

Not even regular exercise…

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Why Dogs Just Can’t Seem To Recognize Us On Our Phones And Tablets

Emilio Cogliani

Don’t blame Rover if he’s not very responsive to your video chats. Scientists say dogs have a hard time viewing (and making sense of what they see on) small screens.

“Dogs perceive the world largely by smell. This makes any virtual presence confusing for them, since the way they recognize us is missing,” Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, a computer scientist at the University of Maryland in College Park, who has studied the ways in which dogs interact with technology, told The Huffington Post in an email. “Also, dogs just have a hard time looking at screens. In our research with dogs and video chat, it takes a lot to get them to pay attention to the screen.”

No screen sense. Previous studies showed that dogs are able to recognize their owners in images. And when they’re encouraged to look at faces on a computer screen, they tend to gaze…

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Seasonal Fruit Salads

jovina cooks


Looking for a quick snack or an easy dish to make for a picnic, barbecue or party, fruit salad is a great option.

A few additions to a fruit salad can go a long way in adding color, flavor and uniqueness. A squeeze of fresh citrus juice prevents browning in some fruits and adds a bright flavor that will help balance out the sweetness of the fruit. Similarly, a chiffonade of fresh herbs (like mint, basil or cilantro) elevates and enhances a dish of fruit.

When making a fruit salad think about flavors that will complement and balance the sweetness (or sourness) of the fruit you are using. Smoky, spicy and salty flavors work well with very sweet fruits like berries or melon. A homemade simple ginger syrup complements tart fruits like pineapple.

To make the ginger syrup:

Bring 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to a boil in…

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Video: Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

Igor Purlantov

There can be no better or worse sight than your own reflection, but these vain animals seemed very keen to admire themselves.


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Fresh Fruit Lemonade Pops

The Friendly Fig

Fresh fruit and lemonade on a hot summer day is probably the best combination since PB&J in the schoolyard. It’s just as heavenly as it gets, people. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out how pretty they are. Pretty food makes me happy – as long as it tastes good, too. Thankfully, these are the real deal.

If you have kids, these will be a household staple. And if you don’t have kids, well, they will still be a household staple. Also – warning: there is definitely sugar in these. I know, I want to be healthier too and omit sugar, but have you ever had lemon juice without sugar? Woof. I used raw sugar, but please leave suggestions in the comments. Would love some alternatives for next time! Okay, onto the three recipes…

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U.S. Will Start Importing Fresh Apples From China

Grandma’s Secret Remedies

My Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: Chris via CC Flickr Photo Credit: Chris via CC Flickr

I always think that it was fun to find “homemade recipes” that fought off all kinds of sicknesses, ailments, injuries, and a host of other things. So, when I found this list of recipes that probably all of our grandparents grew up making, I thought that it would be fun to share with everyone. I am sure that there are hundreds more of these kinds of remedies. I hope you enjoy the ones I shared. If you have any, please don’t hesitate to share them as well.

Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately — without the unpleasant side effects caused by traditional “pain relievers.”

Did you know that Colgate toothpaste makes an excellent salve for burns?

Before you head to the drugstore for a high-priced nasal spray filled with mysterious chemicals, try chewing on a couple of curiously strong…

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Delta Air Lines: End the Transport of Exotic Animal Hunting Trophies

Stop Congress from gutting the Endangered Species Act

Govenor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal: Ban Live Animals as Prizes at Fairs and Festivals!

Stop Monsanto

Big Cat Rescue – Take action

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petitions here.

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