China’s annual dog meat festival under growing pressure as 200,000 sign petition


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The individual who sent me the above link, would like this to go viral….I can’t do that alone, I’m not big enough.

Many cities across this great nation require permits for homeless to sleep in public. Even then they just don’t hand out the permits……there are few exceptions and only a small number of permits issued.  You may also be banned from sleeping in a tent or a vehicle.  These laws are not new, they have been on the books for years.   Violators in some cities have been arrested for sleeping on a park bench without a permit.   The irony, if arrested you spend the night or a few nights sleeping in jail.   Now you have a bed.

Homelessness has been a problem from the beginning of time.   Why is it with government the answer is a regulation, a law that bans but never solves…

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US Military Confirms Jade Helm 15 Is About Infiltration Of America As Blue Bell Ice Cream Caught In Huge Lie  

The Citizen Media

Back on May 28th , 2015, in an attempt to debunk a story run on All News Pipeline called “Blue Bell Ice Cream Refrigerated Morgue Trucks Join Military Convoy In Colorado Weeks After Listeria Outbreak Shuts Down Ice Cream Production”, Blue Bell representative Jenny Van Dorf (979-830-2180) sent ANP an official statement telling us the fact that Blue Bell trucks were seen in the military convoy was ‘just a coincidence’. 

However, the videos below from  DAHBOO777 and the Fugazi Report have COMPLETELY DESTROYED any credibility Blue Bell had remaining as ONCE AGAIN, we see Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks involved in the “Raider Focus” war games in Colorado, more proof that corporate Americais lying to the American citizens as the United States Military prepares for SOMETHING HUGE in this country and as the 2nd video below clearly shows, whatever it is they are preparing for is MASSIVE as massive amounts of military hardware (and Blue Bell Ice…

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The next time you go on a trip to the mall, give those mannequins a nice big smile! This 245 billion (yes, with a “B”) dollar industry consists of five organizations throughout Europe and the US that make the ‘Eye See polystyrene frame mannequins.’ These particular mannequins’ eyes are equipped with face recognition cameras.

Despite the fact that surveillance gadgets hidden in a mannequin’s eyes is not seen as a security infringement by the general public, it has led to a few retailers raising the stakes as some of them have also started tracking people by means of collecting data from their cell phones. Though new security laws and rules are limiting the use of retail surveillance, these new creations are reportedly being used not only for law-enforcement but to permit retailers to gather information about you for advertising purposes.

Lady Liberty

Image Source: Google Image – A picture of Lady Libe

If you think mannequins…

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China: Urgent ** – Please Help Animals Asia Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival – There Is Little Time To Act; Please Do It Now.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


yulin 1

As we feel that this is a very important campaign, and there are time limits to take action, we are giving this some priority at the moment.  Hence it will be taking prime slot on the site for a few days, after which it can still be found under ‘Recent Posts’ on the right hand side.

Please support this vital campaign; and pass to all your friends and supporters.

Thank you – SAV.


Dear Mark,

This year on June 22, the southern Chinese city of Yulin will host its now infamous dog meat festival. But this is no festival. In just one day, up to 2,000 dogs will be slaughtered, all in the name of profit.

Dog meat traders started the annual Yulin dog meat festival in 2009 when they saw an opportunity to make money, but the event has attracted widespread criticism over cruelty and consumer health…

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San Diego Co Shelter Vet Files Whistleblower Retaliation Lawsuit


Dr. Bruce Cauble, a California veterinarian who worked at San Diego County’s three shelters since 2002, has filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit against the county.  Named in the lawsuit is deputy director and medical operations manager David Johnson, a registered veterinary technician who oversees the medical portion of the three county shelters.  The lawsuit alleges that Johnson’s mismanagement resulted in a number of serious issues and when the three county vets, including Dr. Cauble, spoke out about the problems, they were each transferred to the shelter farthest from their homes.  The allegations include:

  • Dogs housed in unheated concrete kennels where the temperature sometimes dropped below 50 degrees.  A boiler that was supposed to provide heat for the floors was often broken and management failed to have it repaired in a timely manner.  Staff referred to these chronically cold dogs as “ice puppies”.
  • Staff hosed down the ice puppies’ kennels with the…

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Eating animals to help animals? We can do better.

Animal Action of Greater Reading, PA

Thoughts on the Animal Rescue League of Berks County‘s Ham Dinner fundraiser by one of our members.

happy_campers_206891It strikes a painful nerve when local animal-helping organizations raise money through activities that involve animal suffering, like a ham dinner or a burger festival.

When I see ham on a plate, I see the trail of suffering that began with the birth of the piglet. It follows his short life of confinement, and ends in his fear and slaughter at about 6 months old. It’s taken me a long time to face what I knew was going on and make lifestyle changes to avoid this sanctioned violence.

Not everyone is there yet. But people who work with dogs and cats understand the love of animals and that they can suffer. They just don’t always connect it to animals considered livestock — or maybe they feel the fight against such as massive…

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