Toasted Coconut Vanilla Cashew Butter (No Added Oils or Sweeteners)

Feed Your Beauty


Looking for a naturally sweet treat with absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners? Have I got a treat for you. Today I introduce you to the most insanely delicious, dreamy, creamy, drippy, “heaven-in-a-jar,” homemade nut butter that your taste buds have ever met.


Holy Toledo, is this stuff ever good. If it was any better, or more addictive, mixing this up in your kitchen would have to be illegal.


Blending this up really couldn’t be easier. The only thing separating you from toasted coconut/cashew bliss, is a good food processor and four simple ingredients. Although it tastes sweet and buttery, there isn’t a drop of sweetener or added oil (or butter, ghee, etc.). In fact, there’s less than a gram of natural sugars per serving. This vegan nut butter is a simple, but heavenly, combination of toasted coconut, roasted cashews, salt, and vanilla extract.


It transforms the simple snack of apples and…

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