Happy Hemp-Strawberry Smoothie – Naturally Protein-Packed

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Happy Hemp Strawberry Smoothie

I’ve been holding onto this smoothie idea for a while now. I believe the first time I whipped up this strawberry shake was last fall. Miraculously, I actually wrote down the ingredients and amounts that I used, and even more amazingly, I managed to save the notebook where I jotted them down. My plan was to stash it away until strawberry season arrived. Then I started getting antsy. It finally occurred to me that it probably is strawberry season, somewhere. In fact, in some places strawberry season may have come and gone! WHY haven’t I posted this yet?? Also, I just really couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Strawberry Hemp Smoothie

There is just something so cheery about strawberries… their bright red hue, sweet flavor, and juicy texture. A ripe strawberry has the ability to take me back to summertime as a kid, running around barefoot on a hot sunny day, tromping…

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