Video shot by robot inside damaged reactor May 16, 2015


The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Friday released hundreds of hours of video footage showing the inside of the containment vessel of one reactor.

The footage was shot in April by 2 remote-controlled robots sent inside the No. 1 reactor’s vessel where radiation levels are very high.

Footage first captured shows fallen rubble in front of the robot.

The probe’s camera also captured what might be lead sheets that fell when meltdown occurred. Rubble can be seen piling up around them. All this testifies to the severity of the accident.

Meanwhile, no major damage was found in areas near the route leading to the bottom of the containment vessel.

Tokyo Electric Power Company plans to carry out further searches by sending robots to the lower levels of the vessel to look for nuclear fuel that melted down.

It also plans to send them into the containment…

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