Your Handy Guide to Attacks on How the Endangered Species Act Uses Science By Michael Halpern 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Why is the Endangered Species Actsuccessful? Because it is grounded in reliance on the best available science. So let’s look at the different ways that Congress wants to take science out of the equation:

Allow politics to determine whichspecies are deserving of protection.The law is designed to be resilient to politics: science, and science alone, is supposed to determine what species make it on the list. Then other factors can be considered when a plan is put together to conserve a species. But anew bill in the Housewould require economic considerations to be taken into account in listing decisions.

Reduce agency effectiveness by requiringmore study with fewer resources.Given federal budget woes, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) can’t even keep up with its current mandate—scores of speciesare considered

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