BBC NEWS, 2050: Meat Consumption Banned! –

Life or Lunch?

ThinkstockPhotos-dv2051009-copyBBC News has commissioned a series of news reports from the year 2050, and we were super excited to see that this included an announcement that meat from animals had officially been banned!

In a short video published last month, Toby Amies explains that people are no longer allowed to buy or consume meat, as the suffering and slaughter of animals cannot be tolerated in modern society. Thus begins the era of bio-printed meat, a future that’s actually quite realistic.

Already, companies like Muufri, a startup aimed at making plant-based milk that is nearly identical to dairy, and Modern Meadow, a startup focused on culturing meat from cells in a lab, promise to recreate so many of the food we love. Modern Meadow even anticipates that cultured meat products will hit the market within five to 10 years from now.

Not only will lab-grown meat spare countless animals…

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