The Ocean’s Gentle Giant

Emilio Cogliani


There are mysteries in nature that are better left unsolved. The enigmas we are incapable of decoding could be the Earth’s strategy to safeguard those species which are otherwise vulnerable to man’s greed and cruelty.

Many are the examples that come to mind. For instance: have you ever heard of the Basking shark? An ocean creature that can grow to be ten meters long. It plows through the waters of the world and, ironically, often goes unnoticed. It disappears during the winter months, but shows up again in the spring. Where do these gentle giants of the ocean go? What do they do? Hypothetical explanations are all we have.

Last week an Italian news website, Ravenna Today, reported the sighting of an eight-meter-long basking shark in the Adriatic Sea, at about six miles off the coast of a city called Cervia.

Basking sharks are one of the biggest fish in…

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Viet Nam: Brilliant News (for once) – Bile farmers ordered to hand over bears – local authorities have agreed to COMPLETELY END bear bile farming in the entire province of Quang Ninh.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

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Bile farmers ordered to hand over bears

Dear Mark,

Great news!

We have the go-ahead to rescue the bears on bile farms at Vietnam’s Halong Bay – thanks to thousands of supporters like you all across the world.

And not only that – the local authorities have agreed to COMPLETELY END bear bile farming in the entire province of Quang Ninh by transferring all of the remaining 38 bears to our Tam Dao sanctuary.

The first two bears will be rescued on May 5 from a remote island north of Halong Bay in what will be Animals Asia’s first sea rescue.

The transfer of all 38 bears in the province is expected to be complete in June.

You can read the full story here and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more. As always, thank you so much for your support.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Tuan Bendixsen

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