Monkey dropkicks young man after the guy appears to flash the middle finger at the wily primate



Monkey dropkicks young man after the guy appears to flash the middle finger at the wily primate

Looks like he picked the wrong monkey to mess with.

Newly posted security camera footage, purportedly from the monkey-laden city of Shimla in Northern India, shows a primate teaching a young man a lesson: Animals don’t like being flicked off, either.

A couple of guys walk past the monkey in a market area of the capital city of the Himachal Pradesh state and the former British Raj summer capital in the video.

But, rather than passing by the animal like other pedestrians in the video, one of them motions at the monkey, causing it to jump up on a crate for a better view.

The simian bears its teeth at the young man, who, undeterred, appears to raise his middle finger at the animal. That’s when the monkey leaps toward…

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No To Dog Meat: Formal Statement & Notice

We are all well aware that there seem to be skeptics of the actions and work we do. Due to the factitious group of dubious individuals who saw fit to steal from us in 2013 and concoct a page of their own called while laying siege to our charity, with the help of others. Not once have we said anything before of this issue in our blog or on our pages. Yet we will admit that we had given our full story to blog writers who issued warnings throughout 2013 to 2015 of this concern.

Since then, we have continued on with our work. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to address these frivolous individuals. Until now, we did not feel it necessary to watermark our photo’s either. With regret, we will now be watermarking all of our photos and videos, so those who stole from us, Sophie…

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New run of Wolf Patrol t-shirts

Wolf Patrol

You are in luck if missed out on our last run of Wolf Patrol t-shirts! We have just re-launched our t-shirt campaign, but with new t-shirt styles and colors available. They will only be available for the next week though! Help us raise some funds for printing a new outreach brochure and get your t-shirt here now:


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Elizabethtown student fundraising after Nepal earthquake

YES! World Zoo Association Ends Japan’s Membership Over Connection to Dolphin Hunts | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

dolpj-1200x725A few short weeks ago Japan’s aspirations to re-commence “scientific” whaling in the Southern Ocean suffered a setback. The IWC rejected its proposal, claiming there was inadequate justification for lethal research.

Now the nation has suffered another major international embarrassment. It has been thrown out of the world’s leading zoo association over its connection to dolphin hunting.

As a result of legal action initiated last month by animal welfare charity Australia for Dolphins, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended its Japanese member (JAZA) for allowing aquariums to purchase dolphins from the Taiji dolphin hunts.

The Power of Activism to Help Dolphins

Advocates are heralding this latest win as the beginning of the end for dolphin hunting in Japan.

According to the CEO of Australia for Dolphins, Sarah Lucas, “The suspension of JAZA following AFD’s legal action is great news. It is a significant first step towards ending the…

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