No oil exploration or drilling near the last 50 of Maui’s dolphins

Justice for Sri Lanka’s Kidnapped Baby Elephants

Vegan Lynx

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Justice for Dog Strangled on Sidewalk

Justice for Dog Strangled on Sidewalk.

Roundup Chemicals Linked to Cancer of the Lymph System

It’s Earth Day! Let’s Join Together and Save the Honeybee!

Emilio Cogliani

Forty-five years ago, the first Earth Day spawned great progress for our air, water and natural areas. The day activated millions of Americans, brought together political leaders of all stripes, and led to the passage of the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and other bedrock environmental laws. Today, the annual day of action for the environment still inspires more than 1 billion people across the globe.

This Earth Day while celebrating our big accomplishments, we also need to think about something small: the honeybee. Though less than an inch long, the tiny honeybee has major implications for our food supply. In addition to providing us with honey and aiding the beauty of our gardens, honeybees are responsible for pollinating an estimated 71 percent of the world’s most widely consumed food crops, including almonds, squash, apples, avocados and more.

2015-04-21-1429656978-9354524-ScreenShot20150209at2.37.02PM_0.pngImage: Flickr User: Fried Dough – Creative Commons

Unfortunately, despite…

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FUR FARMS: Even the fur trade admits cruelty

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