Regrowing foods from leftover fruits and vegetables is easier than you think

Christian Patriots

(NaturalNews) You probably already know that it’s possible to regrow certain foods, such as potatoes or carrots, from leftover scraps of those very foods. However, you might not realize just how many other fruits and vegetables you can easily plant and harvest, saving yourself a considerable amount of money over time while having fun in the process.

Some of these foods are seemingly “exotic” ones that you may be surprised to learn can be grown in almost any climate. For example, did you know that you can grow your own pineapples and avocados?

Here is a short list of foods you can regrow from the same food you ate to begin with. You’ll discover how easy it is while learning about some you might not have realized were possible to grow in the first place.

Common foods that can be regrown from comfort of your own home

Green Onions

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