NYC to Have Funeral for Victims of Animal Holocaust | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

concentration-Camp-Jo-Frederiks-592x399On April 16th, a Holocaust survivor will lead a funeral procession in New York City for all animals killed in factory farming to this day.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shimon Shuchat, who comes from a Hasidic Jewish family in Brooklyn, will be taking a group of animal lovers carrying signs showing the atrocities done to animals from Midtown to Times Square for a candlelight vigil.

“Right now, mother cows are crying out for their kidnapped babies; piglets are being castrated with no painkillers; male chicks are being dropped into shredding machines; monkeys are being tortured laboratories; and millions of farm animals are making the long, terrifying journey to a slaughterhouse. For what?” asks Schuchat who aims to have people connect the dots between human and animal suffering. “When footage of factory farms farms is played side by side with footage of the Holocaust, people can see that there’s not much of a difference. If only a…

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