Motherless coyotes being used to train wildlife rehabilitator for Lancaster


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Hundreds of wild animals are brought to the Lancaster SPCA every year, but for the last seven years there’s been no one qualified to handle them. “It has been a big problem. Basically the rehabilitators in other counties have had to pick up the slack for Lancaster,” said Susan Martin who’s the Executive Director of the Lancaster SPCA.

However that’s all going to change, because Martin is training to become an official wildlife rehabilitator for Lancaster. She’s training at the Red Creek Wildlife Center in Schuylkill County. Part of that training is caring for the litter of coyote puppies.

“A hunter was hunting with dogs and the dogs had gotten a hold of the mother,” said Martin.

Hundreds of injured and baby wild animals, like the coyotes, owe their lives to the Red Creek Wildlife Center. The founder of the center, Peggy Hentz, said it takes a…

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NYC to Have Funeral for Victims of Animal Holocaust | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

concentration-Camp-Jo-Frederiks-592x399On April 16th, a Holocaust survivor will lead a funeral procession in New York City for all animals killed in factory farming to this day.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Shimon Shuchat, who comes from a Hasidic Jewish family in Brooklyn, will be taking a group of animal lovers carrying signs showing the atrocities done to animals from Midtown to Times Square for a candlelight vigil.

“Right now, mother cows are crying out for their kidnapped babies; piglets are being castrated with no painkillers; male chicks are being dropped into shredding machines; monkeys are being tortured laboratories; and millions of farm animals are making the long, terrifying journey to a slaughterhouse. For what?” asks Schuchat who aims to have people connect the dots between human and animal suffering. “When footage of factory farms farms is played side by side with footage of the Holocaust, people can see that there’s not much of a difference. If only a…

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#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


I have been hearing from a LOT recently that more SCAM BOOK SITES are appearing online in ever increasing numbers…

What can YOU do about it?

If you are an author and YOUR book(s) are being offered without your permission – issue DMCA Notices (SEE BELOW FIRST)


It may be tempting to get books FOR FREE or at greatly reduced prices but…

They may be a click farm looking for your email

and you will be infected with a virus.




If they are on Facebook – Use Facebook’s reporting form to remove their link source from Facebook’s server.

My attorney warns me not to click on them, but to send a form letter to their server.

You can find out their server here:

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Stopping the Suffering: you CAN help the dogs of Prnjavor Shelter!


Until end of day Friday, 17th April, ANY donation you make towards sterilising the dogs of Prnjavor shelter will be DOUBLED, thanks to The Harmony Fund who will match all donations! Go HERE to donate.

10484142_10153007842443387_1982794010553137039_oFor some time now AWABosnia has run a fundraiser for sterilising the dogs of Prnjavor shelter, Bosnia Herzegovina. This is possible due to the work of Bojan Veselica, an independent rescuer who does everything he can to see that the dogs in this public shelter are cared for. Unfortunately public funds do not cover sterilisation, and this is a real problem as there is no way to separate male and female dogs.

Bojan contacted us and we started fundraising last year,
10474535_10153008600963387_5604793361443963646_nand managed to raise enough to sterilise 12 dogs by March 2015. The original goal was to cover the costs for 20 dogs, and this would include rabies vaccinations and parasites.

However, there are many…

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How Cats Communicate Through Meows, Blinks and Roving Whiskers

Nurse cat comforts sick animals at Polish animal shelter

Global News

TORONTO – Meet Rademenes, a black cat that comforts sick and recovering animals at a Polish animal shelter.

Online, the four-legged furball has been widely dubbed “Nurse Cat,” after photos showing the feline apparently providing comfort and companionship to sick animals went viral.

Rademenes is a permanent resident at a shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland after his owners brought the pet in suffering from severe respiratory problems, according to Polish media.

According to the TVN Meteo, vets at the shelter feared Rademenes was too sick to make a full recovery, however, the cat fought on and was eventually nursed back to health.

Now, Rademenes is returning the favour by comforting other animals. Photos show the cat cuddling, licking and napping with recovery dogs and cats.

Have a look:

More images can be found here.

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Aging elephants on the way to their new home in Oklahoma City

Global News

SEATTLE – Loaded in climate-controlled crates aboard a flatbed truck and accompanied by an entourage and special snacks, two aging female elephants have left a Seattle zoo on a 2,000-mile (3,200-kilomter) trip to their new home in Oklahoma City.

The Wednesday evening departure was emotional for both Woodland Park Zoo workers and for elephant activists after a federal appeals court declined to block the transfer.

“It was a difficult day for staff and volunteers, especially for those of us who have cared for these elephants for years,” Seattle zoo spokeswoman Gigi Allianic said in an email. “We care for them deeply and love them. Yes, we’re sad to see them go – like sending your kids off to college and saying goodbye – but we’re doing the right thing for Bamboo and Chai. We are excited for them.”

A panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a…

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An Ex-Pat’s Adventures Helping Dogs on a Remote South Pacific Island

Emilio Cogliani

Yuyu Chiang (holding check) a MIOAW intern, held a fundraiser at Coop School by holding a movie night and selling popcorn. Patsy Peji Glad, Mioaw Majuro’s Secretary holds the school mascot Ralik.

What do you do when you are an animal-loving American expat living on an island where people eat dogs?

If you’re Lora Lee Mason, you get to work. When the tall, blonde, outspoken American first arrived on the Marshall Islands and learned untagged street dogs were clubbed to death and fed to local prisoners; she was horrified. She started MIOAW (Marshall Islands Organization for Animal Welfare), an NGO in Majuro, and posted updates on Facebook.

“The outpouring of support was incredible. People from all over the world sent collars and tags. They sent leather collars, rhinestone-studded collars, new collars, used collars. Some came with notes saying the collars were from one of their pets who had passed,” she…

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Save Home of Imperiled Migratory Birds

Save Home of Imperiled Migratory Birds.