12 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is The Best Way to Solve California (and The World’s) Drought | Features | PETA

12 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is The Best Way to Solve California (and The World’s) Drought | Features | PETA.

Justice for Family Cat Lost by Airline

Justice for Family Cat Lost by Airline.

Save Wildlife from Slow Deaths in Snare Traps

Save Wildlife from Slow Deaths in Snare Traps.

Good News for PETA’s Circus Campaign

Good News for PETA’s Circus Campaign.

Natural Bridge Zoo Has State Permit Suspended

IDA’s #1 Worst Zoo for 2014 Under Fire

via Natural Bridge Zoo Has State Permit Suspended.

Animal Activist Helpline

In Defense of Animals is proud to offer our Animal Activist Helpline as part of our Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and self-help resources for animal activists.

via Animal Activist Helpline.

Tell Mt. Lebanon: No More Deer Killings

Tell Mt. Lebanon: No More Deer Killings.

No Deer Massacre By Bows and Arrows

No Deer Massacre By Bows and Arrows.

The Internet can’t decide if this cat is going up or down the stairs


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It has been two months since “The Dress” split the Internet in half, but there is a new debate threatening to end friendships.

The question: Is this cat going up the stairs or down the stairs?

A user on 9gag posted the optical illusion with the caption “up or down?”

Some believe the cat is going down the stairs because you can see the ledges on the stairs. Other see the ledges as caps on either side of the stairs, which means the cat is going up the stairs. It all depends on the angle of the photo.

Here are some theories:

“Down because generally the wood would be flat on the horizontal portion of the stairs and the stone is on the back/vertical portion of the stairs.” – msk08

“down. look at the staircase.. it is obvious that picture is taken from the lower…

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Bear breaks into Florida family’s home, eats Easter chocolates


FT. MYERS-NAPLES, FL – Call it a reverse Goldilocks scenario. A Florida homeowner woke up last week to find a black bear in her kitchen. The bear enjoyed a sweet treat then showed up to the home again on Saturday.

“Everybody is buzzing about it,” said Bella Terra resident Dennis Anderson.

All the commotion started Friday morning. Caroline Tidwell woke up to what she thought was her husband getting ready for work.

“It almost sounded like the Venetian blinds were off track,” she said.

Turns out it was a black bear. A 300 to 400 pounds black bear

“He was making slobbering noises and bear noises,” Tidwell said.

Tidwell feared the bear was eating one of her cats. They were safe, however; hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets. The hungry animal must have a sweet tooth. It was after the family’s Easter chocolate.

“I could have literally reached out…

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Kidnapped Baby Elephant Reunited With Mother After Years Apart | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

3136949.largeAfter being torn from her mother’s side for a life of slavery in Thailand, a young elephant named MeBai has finally been freed and reunited with her mother after more than three years apart.

Little MeBai was taken from her mother when she was just three-years-old to go through the “training crush.” National Geographic describes this brutal practice as a centuries-old ritual intended to domesticate young elephants through pain and fear, where they’re subjected to beatings and deprived of sleep, water and food to break their spirits and make them more submissive to their owners.

According to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), when MeBai’s training was done, her owner hired her out to a tourist camp to be used in a mahout training program and used to give tourists rides. Sadly, she stopped eating and became too thin to work. Thanks to the efforts of the ENP and its…

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Contagious Leukemia Killing East Coast Clams