» FBI Says Islamic State Wants to Hack WordPress Websites

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Earlier this week the FBI issued a warning that hackers sympathetic to the Islamic State will use WordPress plugin vulnerabilities to compromise websites.

“These individuals are hackers using relatively unsophisticated methods to exploit technical vulnerabilities and are utilizing the ISIL name to gain more notoriety than the underlying attack would have otherwise garnered,” the FBI public service announcement states. “Methods being utilized by hackers for the defacements indicate that individual Web sites are not being directly targeted by name or business type. All victims of the defacements share common WordPress plug-in vulnerabilities easily exploited by commonly available hacking tools.”

The FBI says “ISIS-branded attacks” have targeted news organizations, commercial entities, religious institutions, federal, state, and local government institutions, foreign governments, and assorted other domestic and international websites, according to ZDNet, a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive.

On Wednesday, the “Islamic State Hacking Division” allegedly took down the…

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Lawsuit Filed to Protect Rare Colorado, Utah Wildflowers Threatened by Oil Shale Mining

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Rare Colorado, Utah Wildflowers Threatened by Oil Shale Mining.

California Salmon and Wildlife Win Court Protection From Logging

California Salmon and Wildlife Win Court Protection From Logging.

Feds move to protect crayfish from mining damage

Feds move to protect crayfish from mining damage.

Whales, Dolphins Get a Life-Saving Break From Navy’s War Games


Whales, Dolphins Get a Life-Saving Break From Navy’s War Games.

EPA Poised to Approve New, Toxic Pesticide for Corn — Take Action

EPA Poised to Approve New, Toxic Pesticide for Corn — Take Action.

Rate of hair loss, lesions in Alaskan polar bears skyrocketed almost 1,000% after Fukushima

The Citizen Media

(NaturalNews) Polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea region of Alaska have suffered a surge in hair loss, according to a survey conducted by researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and an Alaskan veterinary pathologist, and published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.

While the scientists note that the cause of the hair loss remains unknown, circumstantial evidence suggests that radiation released by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster might be at least partially to blame.

The hair loss is a serious problem, as it hampers the bears’ ability to resist the cold.

“They might be more energetically stressed, and then they encounter some other stressors,” USGS researcher Todd Atwood said.

Coincides with seal disease, radiation release

From 1998 to 2012, the researchers captured and examined live polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea region of Alaska. Overall, the rate of…

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It’s Time to Get Tough(er) on Dog Fighting

Emilio Cogliani

2015-04-09-1428590233-6120269-mattndfad.jpgThere’s no question dog fighting is a deplorable crime. Few things are more cruel, which is why the barbaric activity is a felony in every state. Nonetheless, organized dog fights continue, attracting large and surprisingly diverse crowds of participants and spectators in locations that range from rural towns to dense cities across the country.

By our estimate, there are tens of thousands of dog fighters in the U.S., forcing hundreds of thousands of dogs to train, fight, and suffer every year.

These are not fringe or rare events; dog fighting is a cruelty-for-profit industry. In the last five years alone, we’ve assisted law enforcement on over a hundred dog fighting cases, come to the rescue of more than 2,100 dogs, and helped prosecutors file 463 criminal charges related to dog fighting. Less than three years ago, we assisted in the raid of the second-largest dog fighting operation in U.S. history

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Would Going Vegetarian Actually Help California Battle The Drought?

Emilio Cogliani

You can’t taste it, but a whole lot of water went into producing that hamburger.

As Californians cut residential water use by 25 percent under Gov. Jerry Brown’s unprecedented mandatory restrictions, pressure on the drought-stricken state’s water resources continues to come from its robust agriculture industry, which accounts for about 80 percent of the state’s total water consumption.

Several outlets this week, including the Los Angeles Times, Quartz and KQED, shared data on how much water is required to produce different agricultural products. Meat is by far the biggest water hog, a 2012 study on water footprints published in the journal Ecosystems found. A pound of beef, for example, requires 1,847 gallons of water to produce.

But would going vegan, vegetarian or “reducetarian” help California as it weathers its worst drought in 1,200 years?

In short, not really, one expert said.

Newsha Ajami…

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Please Help End the Seal Hunt

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox


It’s that time of year again when the Canadian seal hunt/massacre commences. For many years now I, like thousands of people world-wide, have sign petitions, written e-mail, and sent letters appealing to the Canadian government to ban this cruel slaughter of helpless baby seals whose lives are brutally taken from them all for the sake of providing the fickle minded with fur.

Despite increasing global outcry and the closure of markets for seal products in 34 countries, the Canadian government continues to support this cruel and unnecessary slaughter.

The following video gives you an idea of what the 2014 slaughter of these helpless animals was like.

Warning very disturbing images of seal slaughter

Just makes you want to cry, how can people be so cruel, so callous, so unmoved by the taking of these innocent lives.

This year, incredibly, the Canadian government has sanctioned the slaughter of 400,000 harp seals…

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Pilots Donate Time, Fuel To Fly Dogs Facing Euthanasia To Rescue Shelters

Emilio Cogliani

LOS ANGELES (AP) — For some dogs, a chance at the good life takes off when the pilots do.

Thousands of pooches facing euthanasia — some just hours from death — get loaded on planes each year and flown to new homes in places with shortages of adoptable pets. Groups such as California-based Wings of Rescue or South Carolina-based Pilots N Paws lead the charge, recruiting pilots to volunteer their planes, fuel and time in a trend that’s growing as more dogs end up in shelters and more people seek out canine love.

yahuda netanel
Yahuda Netanel, a private pilot with Wings of Rescue, carries two rescue dogs prior to a flight.

More than 4 million U.S. pets are euthanized every year. Both pilot groups encourage spaying and neutering as a solution but know that airlifts will increase every year as they become more visible and the number of needy dogs grows.

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