Eyes Wide Open: Implications of Fukushima

Police state America is kidnapping your pets, demanding money or killing them

Nwo Report

Welcome to Police State America, where the government kidnaps your pet and demands a ransom or a ‘fine’

Police state America is kidnapping your pets, demanding money or killing themSource: MassPrivateI |

Welcome to Police State America, where the government kidnaps your pet and demands a ransom or a ‘fine’.  Don’t pay it? That’s fine we’ll just murder your pet!

In a number of cities across the country, animal control agencies are aggressively going after pet owners with big fines for small violations. Some hold people’s pets until they settle their bills, even if it means they end up killed. Others leave the dogs alone but issue arrest warrants for owners who can’t pay up.

CNNMoney analysis of active warrants from a sampling of 15 cities and counties across the country found thousands of outstanding warrants for small pet-related offenses.

They are threatening people. They are intimidating people.”
— Kim Maguire-Hardee, a local activist who runs a low-cost spay and neuter clinic

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Auction house hands over ivory collection

Wildlife News

http://wildlifenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ivory-cornwall-NWCU-400×300.jpg – A Cornish auction house has handed over a private collection of ivory pieces following a visit by the Devon and Cornwall Police and National Wildlife Crime Unit. The company was unsure of the history of all the pieces of ivory so decided to play it safe and handed over the collection to the… – http://wildlifenews.co.uk/2015/04/auction-house-hands-over-ivory-collection/

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VIDEO: Salmon numbers fall sharply

Emilio Cogliani

Atlantic salmon numbers have fallen at an alarming rate despite best efforts of conservation

from BBC News – Science & Environment http://ift.tt/1IILj96

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U2’s Bono partners with Monsanto to destroy African agriculture with GMOs

Whale & dolphin meat samples tested in japan exceed safe mercury limits

Wildlife News

http://wildlifenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/beakes-whael-EIA-400×300.jpg – The Government of Japan and the country’s largest online marketplace for whale and dolphin meat have been urged to stop turning a blind eye to consumer health after the latest analysis revealed unsafe mercury contamination in 100 per cent of samples tested.
The Environmental Investigation Agency … – http://wildlifenews.co.uk/2015/04/whale-dolphin-meat-samples-tested-in-japan-exceed-safe-mercury-limits/

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Optimistic future for sea urchins

Ocean Acidification

When you cast your seed into the open, you’d better be sure that the conditions will be ideal to ensure the success of the next generation. And that approach seems to have served sea urchins perfectly well: that was until now. As global sea temperatures rise and the oceans begin to acidify, the tiny gametes that sea urchins entrust to the waves are under increasing risk. Monique Binet from CSISO, Australia, and an international team of collaborators say, ‘Under near-future scenarios of ocean acidification, the swimming behaviour of marine invertebrate sperm is altered’. Sperm use a pH gradient (from low to high pH) to activate the energy-supplying mitochondria that power the gametes when released into the ocean, so the team decided to test how future climate scenarios might affect the membrane potential of mitochondria that produce ATP, and how individual swimming performance is affected by acidification.(…)

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The Dream of a #Vegan Animal Sanctuary

Stop Animal Exploitation

I’ve had a dream since I was a young child that hopefully I am about to fulfil! Whenever I passed a field with dairy cattle, bullocks, sheep or pigs I would have a lump in my throat knowing that the only freedom they would have is death. As soon as they were of no more use they would be shipped off to the abattoir. I became vegetarian at 13 years old back in the 80’s and now vegan. I first made the connection between animals and what I was eating at the age of 2 when I asked what was on my plate and told “Baa lamb” that was it! I refused lamb from then on.

Panda will be coming with us and she'll want friends Panda will be coming with us and she’ll want friends

What is my dream? To be able to afford some land and be able to ‘rescue’ some pre-slaughter animals, cows, sheep, pigs, horses, ex-battery…

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