Don’t Let Retired Circus Animals Starve

Don’t Let Retired Circus Animals Starve.

Protect Threatened Yaks from Climate Change

Protect Threatened Yaks from Climate Change.

‘Giant lobster’ ate like a whale

The ocean update

The animal was one of the largest alive at the time The animal was one of the largest alive at the time

March 12th, 2015. Scientists have discovered a bizarre human-sized lobster ancestor that lived 480 million years ago.

The monster used spiny “limbs” on its head to sift food from the ocean.

It also had pairs of fins along both sides of its 2m-long body, which are precursors of the double limbs seen in many of its living relatives.

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U.S. Animal Sheltering at a Glance


292227_4143961523879_241480026_nArticle by Nathan Winograd (

■About 7,000,000 animals enter shelters every year.

■Approximately 40% of shelter animals are killed.

■Roughly 30,000,000 acquire a new companion animal every year.

■95% to 99% of shelter animals are healthy and treatable.

■Some shelters save 99% of the animals. A few save 100% of dogs and cats.

■Over 8,000,000 people live in communities saving between 90% and 99% of dogs and cats in their shelters.

■Over 35,000,000 people live in communities saving at least 80% of dogs and cats in their shelters.

For those of you wanting to keep up with progress toward a No Kill nation, visit:

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Hawaiian Island on Path to Exterminate 20,000 Cats


Abby, member of a manged TNR colony in Alabama.  (Photo by Aubrie Kavanaugh) Abby, member of a managed TNR colony in Alabama. (Photo by Aubrie Kavanaugh)

The county of Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands, assembled a nine member Feral Cat Task Force to make recommendations regarding the management of the community cat population.  The county paid $30,000 for the report, issued in March 2014.  The task force excluded the president of Kauai Ferals and was primarily comprised of individuals wishing to exterminate cats.

The final report highlighted the Billions and Billions of Birds myth often touted by cat haters and estimated the county’s feral cat population at 20,000.  The 10 year goal, as stated in the report, is for the island to have “zero feral, abandoned and stray cats” which is obviously an unattainable and unrealistic goal.  Gee, maybe they should have let the guy who knows feral cats have some input.

Among the recommendations made by the task force:

  • Expand the cat licensing ordinance…

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The Thought For Today

Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Everyone grab a spoon and dig in….


I swear that you will never eat any other pudding after this. Just because its healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t taste good. It is creamy, chocolately and has the perfect amount of sweetness. 



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Earth Report

Migrating Songbirds Slaughtered for Snacks on Cyprus

An international bird conservation group reports that more than 2 million migratory birds were illegally trapped and killed in Cyprus during the past year to be served up as local delicacies.

Birdlife Cyprus says the birds were indiscriminately killed in nets or on sticks dipped in sticky lime.

Songbirds are a popular dish on the Mediterranean island, which lies on a key migratory route.

Diners often pay up to $7 per fried or grilled bird at restaurants that ignore Cyprus’ ban on the killing and selling of wild birds.

Birdlife accuses authorities of doing little to halt the island’s illicit bird trade.

A European robin caught on a limestick trap in Cyprus.


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hawkeye cuts to the bone…


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Victory! Animal Activists Get Bull Running Booted From California | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

bullThanks to the efforts of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), California will never again play host to the Great Bull Run.

A Pamplona-style event, the Great Bull Run travels around the country to various venues, putting on an Americanized “running of the bulls.” Here’s what happens at a typical event.

The Great Bull Run transports a group of three dozen bulls by truck from state to state to participate in these shows. That means that in addition to the noisy, scary run itself, they must endure the discomfort of being dragged around the country from event to event. Organizers set up a large fenced-in track and release as many as 35 bulls weighing as much as 1,500 lbs. each. Those huge, frightened animals speed down the course, encouraged along by riders on horses behind them. The assembled crowd screams and…

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Beware: The Big Lies Parroted by Pet Murdering Groups


As if being habitually homicidal isn’t enough, pet murderers also have a habitual lying problem. It stands to reason, though. After all, if they were honest, they wouldn’t be allowed to get away with murder.
I’m about to say something important. I want you, the reader, to please remember it, and share it with every pet/animal lover who you know, if you would be so kind.
You’re outraged at that fact, aren’t you? THAT is the very reason why pet murderers such as PETA, HSUS, ASPCA and kill “shelters” lie to you, by pairing such words as “suffering”, “abused”, “hoarding” etc. with the term “humane euthanasia”; because to admit that the pet was healthy, and most are, is to admit that they have…

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Are you a Sucker for ASPCA Slick Ads?

Gene McVay On Guard


If you are one of the millions of Americans who watch the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) heart wrenching TV commercials and send them money, I am sure they love you. The more gullible and uninformed you are the better they like you. Collectively, the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals take in roughly $300 million per year. These are powerful organizations run by influential people. In a poll, 88% said they would not have donated to the ASPCA if they had known about the CEO’s nearly $500,000 a year salary. A commenter on the poll put it best, in my opinion: “If you do the math, Say donors donate $20.00 a month each. It would take 25,000 total donor months @ $20.00 a month to pay this salary.. Is this where you thought your…

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Kid Rock Wearing Otter Skin Jacket is Nothing to Brag About

Kid Rock Wearing Otter Skin Jacket is Nothing to Brag About.

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Great Cats of the "World"

Via – Amurs Russian Far East / Amurs Дальнего Востока России

****URGENT CALL TO SAVE TIGRESS’ LIFE****The Iranian Health Ministry has ordered the LIFE of Olesya be TERMINATED. Olesya is a 6 year old Amur (Siberian) Tigress being held underground in isolation at Tehran’s Eram Zoo over the past FIVE YEARS.

The order to kill this young tigress is based ONLY on the “THOUGHT” that Olesya is infected with glanders (Burkholderia mallei) as her prospective partner had died of it in 2012.
The previous CF test used to detect exposure of an animal to the agent of glanders, which is the mandatory OIE recommended test for equids, has been validated for equids exclusively but not for tigers. It means that any CFT result from a tiger should be interpreted with extreme caution.

However, the fact that the tigress was in contact with an animal clinically sick of glanders…

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