Australia: Now The Australians Attempt ‘Ag Gag’ To Protect The Animal Abusers. Worth It ? – NO; Expose The Reality !!!

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


worth it

Now the Australian government attempts to use Ag Gag to stop the reality being exposed.

Above is what they do not want you to see ! – that is why they are trying to stop exposure and protect the animal abusers.

Only a couple of days left with this to take action – so please sign NOW Thank you.



The Australian Senate is currently considering a bill that will PROTECT ANIMAL ABUSERS and shut down animal cruelty investigations – the Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015. 

For decades now animal activists have used undercover investigations to expose the cruelty and neglect animals suffer at the hands of the agricultural sector. The Animal Liberation Victoria Open Rescue team, as well as activists from many other organisations, have exposed countless examples of suffering and neglect that would otherwise have been hidden from public view.

Without these undercover investigations…

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