Ban Fur From the Runways of Milan Fashion Week

Ban Fur From the Runways of Milan Fashion Week.


6 comments on “Ban Fur From the Runways of Milan Fashion Week

  1. In New Zealand we have an animal called a possum which yields very high grade fur. Fur and pelts that are as good as any in the world.

    The only trouble is that this voracious omnivorous marsupial is not a native of New Zealand but an import from Australia.

    Ironically enough, while possums are becoming rarer in Australia, here they breed like flies and they kill forests, spread tuberculosis and generally cause mayhem to the environment including threatening native fauna which are themselves becoming endangered from this threat.

    Thirty or more years ago, the problem was mitigated considerably by trapping of these somewhat nasty animals and possum fur was popular on the runway. In fact I remember more than a few students paid their way through university by trapping and selling these skins during weekends and term break. In fact one could sometimes make several hundred dollars a night by simply being on the out look for road kill.

    Well when fur started to attract attention from people such as this petitioner, the bottom fell out of the market.

    Very soon thereafter it became apparent that forests country wide were being seriously damaged by the burgeoning increase of wild possums. Local species started to shrink rapidly, (including the Kiwi), and flooding, erosion and land slides became catestrophic because of the demise of the native forest.

    This situation was and is untenable and our Department of Conservation have had to resort to frequent and regular 1080 poison drops to try and mitigate the situation.

    Unfortunately 1080 poisoning is far less humane than a quick blow from the trapper and our environment still suffers seriously not with standing.

    So are the petitioners ready and able to humanely trap every possum in New Zealand and ship them back to Australia? I think not, and of course this avenue is for financing ones studies etc is currently closed.

    One can still buy possum skin slippers though, (its unlikely that anyone will throw paint on ones feet), and I believe the fur is quite spinable and makes great knitting.

    But to get back to the point. We all need to look after the environment right? However it does pay to think twice about the repercussions of what you petition for.



    PS do any of the petitioners eat meat? (All meat comes from animals with skins by the way). If you think eating of meat is “unnatural” try running your tongue over your teeth. At the top front you will feel two incisors. All animal as well as humans have those. Each side of the incisors, you will feel a one lateral incisor. All animals have those as well.

    The next tooth along is the Canine or Cuspid.

    Every human has two of them in their top jaw and two in the bottom, but do you know, in vegetarian eaters such as horses, cows and sheep, these teeth are either absent or are so small they are unable to assist in eating.

    You see for a horse and sheep etc. it is natural to be a vegetarian but for us humans, we are born with the very teeth that are needed to eat meat.

    Of course that doesnt mean that you have to eat meat, but you will very likely be healthier if you do.

    But it does mean that it is quite natural for us humans to eat meat.


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