WARNING GRAPHIC: Firefighter shoots neighbor’s dogs, posts pictures to Facebook

2 comments on “WARNING GRAPHIC: Firefighter shoots neighbor’s dogs, posts pictures to Facebook

  1. As a dog owner I find this a very sad story. If the dogs were indeed attacking his livestock and there was no way of stopping them other than shooting the animals I can understand why he killed them. However it was wrong for him to post the pictures on Facebook and I can’t get my head round why he did that as it would cause distress to the owners. I am now working with my 4th guide dog and am always acutely aware, when out in the country that in the UK a farmer has the right to shoot a dog which is not on the lead if it is attacking his animals. Very sad story. Kevin

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    • Hi Kevin, I know how you feel. I’ve always had a love for siberian huskies but they are rascals, if they get the chance they will take off and it is the most nerve-racking and heart pounding experience till I get them back. I have two friends that there Huskies got loose and wandered onto a sheep farm and chased the sheep around… basically playing… one dog was killed and the other one had his leg damaged and it had to be amputated.I know farmers have the right to kill, but it is 2015 and more homes are very close to farms which around our area the farmers are the ones that sold there land in the first place to builders and I think they could be much more forgiving and fire a shot into the air and scare the dogs off. I don’t believe his story for one second, both dogs were shot in the field facing towards the barn and I’m sure in the cold weather the barn door was closed, apparently he is very angry with the neighbor and he put it on Facebook to rub it in their face, because they didn’t pay attention to his warning, you have to be extremely cold hearted to make such an extreme point!


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