ELEPHANTS : Infrasound and Ultrasound Frequencies by BOW BAN





Infrasound and Ultrasound Frequencies


“ Elephants have been observed moving in one direction only to suddenly turn and move in another direction for no apparent reason, when checked against weather reports/ activity, the elephants are heading towards  storms, towards water”
Elephants can hear a long way, away, the equivalent of 400 miles away, the distance between London and Edinburgh (Scotland) elephants can hear and produce infrasound too low for the humans’ ear, elephants are in tune with the Earth, just before the tsunami struck the elephants
In Sri-Lanka were behaving erratically, the elephants observed moving inland on their own accord before the tsunami hit, frequencies, vibrations that they can make and hear, Alligators also uses infrasound, for the last 70million years, Dolphins use Ultrasound which is too high for the human ear; it’s above the human hearing range, the Golden Mole, no external ears…

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