Why You Should Care About the World’s Most Threatened Group of Animals – Frogs | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Green_Frog_HD_wallpaper-1280x800-1200x750Imagine walking through a forest trail with sunlight warmly beaming through the trees onto your skin. You take a moment to breathe in the serenity, listening to only the rustle of leaves through the light breeze and a faint peeping melody pleasantly ringing into your ears. You close your eyes and smile … just as something wet and slimy springs onto your leg. You look down and see a little frog (What did you think that peeping noise was?).

Now, should you A. Run and scream, B. Slap the creature off your leg and apathetically continue with your walk, or C. Gently place the little guy back on his way and say, “Hey, thanks little buddy for all you’ve done for me and my species?”

The correct answer is C. Frogs are more valuable to you and the environment than you may have ever guessed. They, along with other amphibians…

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