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Embedded image permalinkPhoto and this caption from Lajouetreine @lajouetreine    This is my child! This is your child! Obama funds Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood! Crimes against Humanity!

I can not prove that this boy is from a Christian family or the authenticity of the photograph.   However, there have been many photos of men, women and children beheaded, shot and hung, who knows what else, therefore I have no reason to doubt that it is real.   ISIS has literally butchered hundreds, probably thousands.  Islam, states they will kill all Christians.

Obama would just say, “Lets not over-react, lets maintain a state of resolve.”.  There was a time, America would have been outraged and we would have done something about it.    That was when America stood for something……

Today, we have a president that sympathizes with Islam (is Islamic), only acts when it benefits him and his…

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