Serbia: Time is very much running out and funds are short – PLEASE we need to get this sorted !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag

Serbia; URGENT NEED HELP FOR 16 DOGS !!!!!! | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)// // //

help 16 dogs 

Time is very much running out and funds are short – PLEASE we need to get this sorted !   

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Cats Intended for Eating in Vietnam Saved from Truck — Tell Authorities Not to Kill Them!

Raspberry Almond Smoothie

The Friendly Fig

Happy Smoothie Saturday! I’m making up observations now. It’s fine, you’ll love this. It’s the perfect smoothie to wake you up and get you moving. Productive Saturdays are the best Saturdays. Sundays can just be plain ‘ol lazy, though. Don’t worry 😉

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Earth Report

Tanzanian Villagers Fear Lion ‘Revenge’

The killing of six lions near northern Tanzania’s Olasiti village has residents living in fear of “revenge” attacks by the predators. Six lions were killed by Tanzanian villagers who say they lost livestock to the protected predators.

The Arusha Times reports the lions were killed by young warriors “proving their manhood,” while also eliminating the threat of future attacks on the village’s livestock.

People now venturing outside their homes are staying in groups, armed with traditional weapons such as sticks, machetes and spears.

Five of the warriors who were injured while slaughtering the lions later fled into the bush out of fear of being arrested once they were treated for their wounds.

Villagers complained to the daily that the government doesn’t react when humans or livestock are killed by wild animals, but said it does respond quickly and decisively when any wildlife is killed.


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New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home Without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog

Activist Post: For Police: Postal Worker Accidentally Makes Video on How Not To Shoot Dogs #news

Activist Post: For Police: Postal Worker Accidentally Makes Video on How Not To Shoot Dogs #news.

For Police: Postal Worker Accidentally Makes Video on How Not To Shoot Dogs

Amanda Warren
Activist PostAn Australian motovlogger shoots dogs – with a DriftHD 1080P camera. His other armament? Treats.

This postal worker comes across friendly dogs, but also plenty of vicious dogs who will bite him if they get a chance. And sometimes, those dogs get loose. He nonchalantly points to a dog who bit him in the past. He wants people to know that “posties” love dogs. What would he think of our American police state that trains officers to shoot any kind of breed? Without prompting.

But police officers always voice the fear of getting bit. This fear is upheld in the highest honor to them. “They were not bit because of their quick action. Basically, that was…

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Where Have All The Horses Gone?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Guest OpEd by “Calamity” Cate Crismani of TrueCowboy Magazine

“Fiscal Year 2012, out of 10,350 wild horses and burros gathered, a total of 80 animals, or approximately three-quarters of one percent (0.77 percent), died or were euthanized during gather operations”

BLM Antelope attack in 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation BLM Antelope attack in 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Did you know that in the last forty years 50% of the world’s wild species has been decimated? Wiped off the planet. Never to be seen again except in books or on the internet. In one word, extinct. It is a fact. Another fact, the decimation is still going on now taking its toll on the wild horses and burros roaming freely on the ranges in ten states in the U.S.A. by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) under the Department of Interior (DOI). These are the very same government departments that are supposed to…

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Why Dogs Make the Perfect Babysitter

My Good Time Stories

There is nothing better than “man’s best friend” when they are “taking care” of our kids. Hope this little video makes you smile and allows you to have a great day!

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The Wall of the Dead: A Memorial to Fallen Naturalists

strange behaviors

We go to great lengths commemorating soldiers who have died fighting wars for their countries.  Why not do the same for the naturalists who still sometimes give up everything in the effort to understand life?  Neither would diminish the sacrifice of the other.  In fact, many early naturalists were also soldiers, or, like Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle, were embedded with military expeditions.

With that in mind, I started to construct a very preliminary Naturalists’ Wall of the Dead, to at least assemble the names in one place, as I was researching my book The Species Seekers.  If I have missed someone, or made other mistakes, please suggest changes in the comments.  I am trying to focus on naturalists who died in the course of their work.  Though he may have acquired Chagas disease in his travels, for instance, Darwin died at home, age 73, of unknown causes, and…

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The Shocking Truth About What Happens to ‘Surplus’ Zoo Animals | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

leop-1200x743When we capture animals from the wild and put them in zoos, these animals become commodities. They are stripped of their ability to display natural behaviors and lead a stilted existence filled with stress and boredom. Despite the harm that life in captivity does to zoo animals, both mentally and physically, many zoos run captive breeding programs. As such, zoos can sustain their captive animal populations and the draw of a new baby animal is a great way to get paying visitors in their doors. The only downside to captive breeding is the occurrence of “surplus” animals.

Unlike the many sanctuaries that take in abandoned and abused animals to live out the remainder of their lives, zoos don’t always take care of their animals for life. According to the Species Survival Plan (SSP) programs, a surplus animal is one that has, “made its genetic contribution to a managed population…

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