Pregnant dog burned alive, gets help from local animal rescue group


"OMG...this is beyond sickening, I can't see the dog walking willingly into fire, so she was either burnt or doused in some type of chemical; on purpose. I pray they catch the scum that did this & will keep her in my prayers, in the hopes that all her pups make it & she finds a forever loving home!" 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A pregnant dog that was severely burned is doing much better after being taken in by a local animal rescue group.

“Someone did something unkind to this very sweet dog,” says Donna Casamento with Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Pregnant dog burnt is carrying puppies

It’s something so unkind, it’s horrific to view.  Nina, a terrier mix, has second to third degree burns on her chest, all the way down to her legs.

“It’s been a very very sad situation. We weren’t sure when we…

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Biodiversity: Monarchs bounce back, still need help

Summit County Citizens Voice

Population still near historic lows

'oj Can monarch butterflies survive massive habitat loss? bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

FRISCO — Monarch butterfly populations may have rebounded a bit this year, according to the annual overwintering count, but the species is still going to need help to recover, conservation advocates say, urging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to give the colorful insects Endangered Species Act protection.

This year’s count estimated that 56.5 million monarchs are currently gathered in Mexico for the winter, up from last year’s lowest ever total of 34 million. But that’s still more than 80 percent below the 20-year average and down 95 percent from numbers tallied in the mid-1990s. Near-perfect conditions during breeding season helped bolster the numbers this year.

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Wildlife advocates seek national wolf recovery plan

Summit County Citizens Voice

Activists again decry hunting, trapping in Northern Rockies

Wolves surrounding a bison in Yellowstone National Park. PHOTO COURTESY DOUG SMITH/NPS. Wolves surrounding a bison in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Doug Smith/NPS.

Staff Report

FRISCO — Wildlife conservation advocates want the federal government to rethink its wolf recovery efforts. Instead of relying on a piecemeal, state-by-state approach, the species needs a national recovery plan to help restore populations in places like the southern Rockies and the Adirondacks, according to Kierán Suckling, director of the Center for Biological Diversity

“A congressional end run around science and the Endangered Species Act will create more controversy and put wolves and the law itself in jeopardy,” said Suckling, explaining why a coalition of conservation groups this week petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to reclassify gray wolves as threatened, rather than endangered, under the Endangered Species Act.

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Nwo Report

“It’s really more political posturing than sound counterterrorism policy”

New anti-terror bill could put chill on freedom of speechSource: LUCAS POWERS | CBC NEWS |

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said last weekend that new anti-terror legislation to be introduced on Friday will, among other things, “criminalize the promotion of terrorism.”

Such a move, however, could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Canada and would not necessarily contribute to effectively fighting domestic extremism, according to legal experts.

The new bill, which could also include provisions for expanded police powers, was promised by the federal government in the weeks following the October attacks in Quebec and Ottawa that left two members of the Canadian Forces dead.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay suggested that the measures would, among a host of other consequences, allow authorities to target materials that may be contributing to the radicalization of Canadians, particularly online.

The new bill, however, is largely a knee-jerk response to October’s attacks and…

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More Than a Ton of Factory Farmed Beef Recently Recalled

Lifeguards save dolphin ensnared in rope (California, USA)

The ocean update

January 23rd, 2015. OCEANSIDE, CA — Apparently lifeguards don’t only save humans’ lives – they come to the aid of animals in peril as well.

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25 Older Adult Truths.

Sea Shepherd to Hold 29 Peaceful Demonstrations Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter on “World Love for Dolphins Day” – Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Vegan Spotlight

Special Guest Speakers and Celebrity Supporters to Join Sea Shepherd at Demonstrations at Japanese Embassies and Consulates in the U.S. and Overseas on Feb. 13th

On Friday February 13, 2015, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians and supporters around the world will join together for the second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day,” to hold peaceful demonstrations against Taiji, Japan’s brutal capture and slaughter of dolphins. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, thousands of people will bring the world’s love and reverence for dolphins to Japan’s doorstep at Japanese embassies and consulates across the United States and overseas.

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Why pigs are so important to China

My Blog Schwein und Meer

Why pigs are so important to China


Of all the meat options, pork reigns king in China. To keep up with demand, China now rears (and eats) nearly 500 million pigs a year—more than half of all the swine in the whole world. However, the significance of pork goes deeper than culinary tastes. They have been at the centre of Chinese culture, cuisine and family life for thousands of years. So why are pigs so important to China?

Historically, sacrificial pigs featured in all forms of commemoration- including weddings, funerals and festivals. In Mandarin, the character for “family” is a pig under a roof. But up until recently, pork was pricey and scarce. Most people ate it only a few times a year.

As China became richer over the past three decades, meat became a symbol of wealth and consumption soared. Chinese people like pork best—so much so that…

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Friendly cats

Adopt a pet in Oman

Some very friendly cats have adopted a friend of mine. They are loving and cuddly and a self asserted family! Unfortunately, my friends are moving and unable to take them with them. We are hoping someone can take them (as a family of 3) or even individually amd give them a loving and secure future. Any homers out there? Please share the post and spread the word, help them meet a loving and caring and secure future.Tel 9577 0586friendly cats adopt a pet in Omanfriendly cats adopt a pet in Oman.jpg1friendly cats adopt a pet in Oman.jpg2friendly cats adopt a pet in Oman.jpg3

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Please do not kill thousands of smuggled cats

Label all products containing palm oil for sale in Australia

Stop the Brutal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Busan, South Korea!

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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