‘Dead’ Cat Found Alive 5 Days After Being Buried

District Court Upholds the Right to Sell Foie Gras

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gaggle-of-geeseSeth Victor

The blawg previously commented on the ongoing issues surrounding California’s ban on the sale of foie gras, particularly the idea of giving away foie gras as a “complimentary side” when selling some other food. Last week Animal Legal Defense Fund filed another suit in the battle, arguing that La Toque restaurant was illegally selling foie gras in violation of California’s Health and Safety Code § 25982.

The suit, however, is somewhat of a moot point. On January 7th the California District Court overturned the Health and Safety Code banning the sale of foie gras, granting partial summary judgment to the plaintiffs, among whom is Hot’s Restaurant Group, the aforementioned makers of the complimentary foie gras side. The District Court summarize the issue as “whether a sales ban on products containing a constituent that was produced in a particular manner is an “ingredient requirement” under Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA).” The plaintiffs argued…

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GULP! China officials dine on endangered salamander

Ban Mule-Drawn Carriage Rides in New Orleans

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SourceTheir Turn
ByDonny Moss

Will the death of mule on the street during rush hour finally bring attention to the plight of the beasts of burden who pull 9-person carriages in the hot and chaotic streets of New Orleans? Evlin Lake, a local activist and one of the lone voices for the downtrodden mules, is desperately hoping it will.

On January 19th, the Nola Defender, a local newspaper, reported that “the death of a mule caused traffic delays” in the French Quarter. If it wasn’t for that article and the photo that accompanied it, neither Ms. Lake nor the Louisiana SPCA, which is responsible for humane law enforcement (HLE), would have learned about the mule’s death.

Amanda Pumilia, the SPCA’s Animal Control Supervisor, told TheirTurn, “We would have liked to investigate…

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The Cholesterol Myth – Part One – Why your body needs cholesterol.

Circus lionesses recovering in South African game reserve

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This video from South Africa says about itself:

Two rescued female lions find new home in Africa

22 January 2015

Following years of abuse in a circus in Germany, two rescued female lions put their paws onto African soil. Sisters Maggie and Sonja were rescued by the Born Free Foundation and its partners, their new home Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

From Wildlife Extra:

Two lionesses born to circus life get first taste of freedom

Maggie and Sonja have spent their eight years of life performing in a German circus

After eight years in captivity in a German circus, two rescued lionesses are settling into their new home at the Born Free Foundation’s Big Cat Rescue and Education Centre at Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa.

Maggie and Sonja spent the first eight years of their lives making regular appearances in the circus, performing for the crowds…

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You give this corporation your money, you’re the one paying for the abuse to continue…


via jilli1205: freedomforwhales: You give this….


J:  I not only hate Seaworld, but more than that I hate the lousy people who go there.  They are also the same rats that go to circuses.

No longer can ANYONE say “I didn’t know.”.

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Lost dog found

Adopt a pet in Oman

This beautiful 3-4 year old female dog was found in Qurum, near the traffic lights close to PDO. If anyone knows somebody who has lost their pet or recognises her please call 98187753. She definitely comes from living with a family as she is extremely clean, healthy and friendly. Please spread the word.lost dog found

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Search for New Apartment – plus Search for Attorney for Lawsuit – Updated 27 January 2015

Dog Abandoned Behind Walmart Chews Off Own Paw to Escape | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

courtney-the-dog-592x399A two-year-old dog was left chained behind a Walmart in Michigan on Sunday, and later chewed off her own paw to escape the bitter cold.

Courtney, a mixed breed pooch, was found by a Walmart employee, who also discovered she had chewed off one of her paws in an effort to escape her restraints amid freezing temperatures. Courtney was soon rushed to Hopeful Heart Rescue shelter. There, doctors determined that she had chewed and consumed her own paw while outside. Ironically enough, her tight leash aided as a tourniquet for her injury.

“She was trying to get away,” Diana Rascano, president and co-founder of 4 Paws 1 Heart told USA Today. “The vet said what saved her was the tourniquet that caused the blood flow to stop, and the subfreezing weather may have frozen some of the wound so that she didn’t bleed to death.”

Courtney’s maimed leg was…

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