Horse Dismembered alive in a Village in Colombia

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Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist Luis Leonel


The animal had been gored by a bull during a traditional “corral”.

caballo-descuartizado-colombia2 (1)

“A horse was gored by a bull during the holiday village in northern Colombia was then dismembered alive with knives , denounced a citizen in a video that trended on Sunday in social networks.

In the bloody images , you see how a crowd of men approaches the fallen animal, still alive, and it shatters against other attendees to these parties occurred in the municipality of Buenavista, consisting of the fight of a bull in a square where dozens of people are thrown into the ring with rags or sticks to provoke.

“That day the bull gored the horse and the crowd, most dangerous, people armed with knives inside the corral, took…

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My Fellow Bloggers Your Help is Needed here! Please help ensure that OLESYA gets to A Better Home! Please Read and Share. Thank you!

Great Cats of the "World"

Via – Amurs Russian Far East / Amurs Дальнего Востока России 

This pretty little Amur tigress does have a name, she is known as OLESYA! 🙂
And, finally…help IS on it’s way! 🙂 A dear friend, Mi Sab and I have been trying to obtain the necessary documentation in order to proceed with the required blood analysis, but sadly met with resistance, at every turn. 🙂 As no-one was willing to help.

However, the documentation needed has now been received! 🙂

In the meantime, PLEASE sign the petition, only 592 signatures are needed! I will post an update on Olesya as soon as possible! 🙂

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Lolita the killer whale closer to freedom with inclusion on endangered list

Emilio Cogliani

Decision could trigger a lawsuit by activists who want to fly the orca from Miami and prepare her for release into the wild

Lolita, a killer whale that has lived in a tank at Miami’s Seaquarium for 44 years, could move a step closer to freedom this week.

After decades of campaigning, animal rights activists hope US officials will include the orca on a list of endangered whales that frequent the waters where she was captured, off Washington state. That decision could trigger a lawsuit by activists who want to fly 7,000lbs (3.2-tonne) Lolita across the country and prepare her for release into the wild.

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Lost cats

Adopt a pet in Oman

my cat Charlie was last seen 24th November 2014, I’ve been looking for him ever since but no luck. i really miss him and the fact that he just disappeared gives me no rest, i believe he was snatched because 2 months after he was gone our cat Koshka was also gone. if you’ve seen one of them or purchased them, please let me know. its heart to let go of all the years we had together, they’re my babies.Please contact us at 99538835lost cats muscatlost cats muscat.jpeg2lost cats muscat.jpeg3lost cats muscat.jpeg4lost cats muscat.jpeg5lost cats muscat.jpeg6lost cats muscat.jpeg7

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Transfer Dog to No-kill Shelter; Don’t Euthanize it for No Reason!!

Investigate and Close Down Animal Care & Control Kill Shelters of NYC