Endangered Wolves a Commodity for the Fur Fashion Industry: Trapping is made possible by wildlife agencies.

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film Production Co.

On December 19, 2014 a judge ordered Great Lakes wolves back on the Endangered Species List. Read more on this from a previous blog here: http://wolvesofdouglascountywisconsin.com/2014/12/20/recreational-hunting-of-great-lakes-wolves-is-stopped-wolves-are-back-on-the-federal-endangered-species-list-immediately/

However, it didn’t come soon enough for the 528 wolves that lost their lives to 3 years of reckless trophy hunting in WI. The leading kill method was trapping with a total of of 242 wolves killed in the 2013 and 2013 trophy hunts.

Wolves are baited by strong scents of dead animals and then caught in a steel leg hold trap.

From WDNR Wolf Hunting Regulations on trapping: http://dnr.wi.gov/files/pdf/pubs/wm/wm0538.pdf
Methods for Trapping
Cable Restraints
It is illegal to:
• set, place or operate any cable restraint for wolves except from Dec. 1 – Feb 28, 2015.
To be a legal set, the cable restraint must:
• be 10 ft. or less in length with a diameter of 3/ 32 inch or larger and…

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