Public Notice: Be Wary!

One comment on “Public Notice: Be Wary!

  1. Yes, I’m part of that so called cyber troll/bully outfit with 40 others.
    You’d think with everyone speaking out against Say NO people would wise up.

    Here’s the thing, you do not need to register as a business to transition over to be a Charity. That is just not how things work. They registered this way just to have a number, plus it was cheaper for them to do so.

    Now they expect the rest of the world to pay for their charity registration on top of the so called Vietnam rescue centre’s that do not exist. (excuse me their “Derelict” Buildings.)

    Do you know the name of these rescues? I sure do not.
    They keep this secretive. Might want to ask for those names, and proof of those Banners they have for the Skydivers. This march may happen and it may not. How can you trust people that lie to lead a whole group of people from around the world? Surely it will be unorganized and it will fail.

    Tell me what Organization do you know of that slanders, harasses and pays professional bullies to torture a woman that lives thousand of miles over the ocean away from them?

    Tell me what Organization tries to sabotage other organizations and charities?

    What Organization focuses on those who warn people about them?

    The answer to that is a Corrupt one.

    Why did they wait until April 2015 when they have been around since OCT 2013. No one asks these questions.

    I’ll say it here again- We are not cyber trolls, we are not bullies. We are VICTIMS fighting back against the corruption and criminals who are stealing money from the animals.


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