Your Smile For Today

Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me


 Your Smile For Today001

I hate it when he plays ” Mount Everest ..”


Your Smile For Today002
Menopause sucks.


Your Smile For Today003
Who the heck is “Sugar Lips?”


Your Smile For Today004
Those brownies were Far Out!!


Your Smile For Today005
NO! We Don’t want any Magazine Subscriptions!


Your Smile For Today006
There’s a ringer competing in the Hogtown Olympics.



Your Smile For Today007
I’m not Over-Weight, I’m Under-Height!!



Your Smile For Today008
You do have an odd perspective on things.



Your Smile For Today009
Lunchtime at the Corncob Cafe.



Your Smile For Today010
Okay, I caught him, now what do I do with him?





Your Smile For Today011
I hate this game.



Your Smile For Today012
Flight ‘Hum-One’ coming in for a landing.



Your Smile For Today013
Hi, I’m Celeste, I’ll be your Aura-Concierge today.



Your Smile For Today014
Just act natural and blend in.



Your Smile For Today015
Where’s my Coffee?



Your Smile For Today016
Whoo-o loves ya, Baby?

‘Life is better when you are happy, but life is best when
Other people are happy because of you’

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