Twitter Just Made It Easier to Block Haters

The Homeless of Fort Lauderdale Can Be Fed For Now, Judge Says

The Great Irony Of The Day Goes To: Home Instead

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse.

Please Take Action by Joining this Event or Signing the Petition Attached. Thank you!

Great Cats of the "World"

Come on peeps! Join this Event please. All you have to do is Sign one petition that is it!
20,000 sigs. are needed before CITES CoP17.
All the Wildlife that is being targeted needs your help. Just sign the petition please xx

With thanks, to a special friend for creating this beautiful banner <3 ^_^
Sunday, November 30 at 8:00pm in UTC+01
Online – Twitter – Email

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Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment

Thousands of abused lions, tigers, and other big cats are kept under squalid and inhumane conditions by private owners. Help free these wild animals from lives of cruel captivity.

via Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment.

Some Laws To Pass!

Video of Suni and a plea to Help Free Mali

There is a Demand that Justin Bieber Take Responsibility for Abandoned Pet But Fundamentally, Do We really Want him To Do Anything With Regard To Animal Welfare?