Twitter Just Made It Easier to Block Haters


You can now block Twitter trolls more easily than ever.

The social network has created a set of tools that allow users to flag inappropriate users and content amidst the 500 million Tweets sent each day in fewer steps. Blocking a user has always required filling out a report that details the alleged harassment, but less information is now required in the report.

Twitter released a short video that shows off its mobile-friendly new options.

On the back-end, Twitter has implemented a tool that allows for a more streamlined review of flagged tweets and users.

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The Homeless of Fort Lauderdale Can Be Fed For Now, Judge Says


A court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ordered authorities Tuesday to refrain from enforcing a controversial law that places restrictions on residents who feed the homeless.

Broward County Circuit Judge Thomas Lynch ordered a month-long suspension of the bylaw in order to allow all sides to enter mediation. The decision was a partial win for 90-year-old activist Arnold Abbot, who challenged the ordinance after being arrested twice in November for serving food to the homeless.

“We’re elated the judge has entered the stay,” John David, Abbott’s attorney, told the Sun Sentinel.

Under the regulation, which went into effect late November, outdoor feeding sites must be equipped with portable toilets and servers must have the permission of property owners to distribute food.

However, critics claim the ordinance unfairly targets the homeless and individuals providing relief to them.

[Sun Sentinel]

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The Great Irony Of The Day Goes To: Home Instead

Improve Horrific Conditions at Slaughterhouses

Improve Horrific Conditions at Slaughterhouses.

Don’t Close Souvenir Shop that Funds Wildlife Protection

Don’t Close Souvenir Shop that Funds Wildlife Protection.

Protect Rare Fish from Illegal Trade

Protect Rare Fish from Illegal Trade.

Stop Eating Cats and Dogs for Christmas Dinner in Switzerland

Stop Eating Cats and Dogs for Christmas Dinner in Switzerland.

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse.

Please Take Action by Joining this Event or Signing the Petition Attached. Thank you!

Great Cats of the "World"

Come on peeps! Join this Event please. All you have to do is Sign one petition that is it!
20,000 sigs. are needed before CITES CoP17.
All the Wildlife that is being targeted needs your help. Just sign the petition please xx

With thanks, to a special friend for creating this beautiful banner <3 ^_^
Sunday, November 30 at 8:00pm in UTC+01
Online – Twitter – Email

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Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment

Thousands of abused lions, tigers, and other big cats are kept under squalid and inhumane conditions by private owners. Help free these wild animals from lives of cruel captivity.

via Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment.

Some Laws To Pass!

Video of Suni and a plea to Help Free Mali

There is a Demand that Justin Bieber Take Responsibility for Abandoned Pet But Fundamentally, Do We really Want him To Do Anything With Regard To Animal Welfare?