Nepal and India: Saving animals from the Gadhimai sacrifice, part two

Art, animals, and the earth

dawn report one 2-3 photooneedited

By Sharon St Joan

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Opposition to the sacrifice grows


In the months running up to the time of the Gadhimai sacrifice, there has been a growing and very vocal opposition to the sacrifice, worldwide.

Baba Ramdev, a popular spiritual leader in India with a huge following, has spoken out against the sacrifice.

Dr. Chinny Krishna expressed his conviction that “this Gadhimai festival will be the last one to include any animals from India,” adding that “this year, there will be a major dent at least in the numbers of cattle.”

Buffalos, pigeons, goats, sheep, and chickens are also sacrificed. It is harder to catch and prevent the smaller ones from crossing the border.

two dawnreport one photo 1-1edited

On another level

There have been no shortage of contacts with the Chief Priest of the Gadhimai Temple and with the Nepalese government, and these continue.

Rudra Krishna…

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