Rhinos moved to ‘Intense Protection Zones’

Fight for Rhinos

With over a month left in 2014,  this year already tops last year’s bloody toll of rhino poaching. It’s difficult not to feel a sense of panic at such an astounding rate of slaughter.

rhino poaching stats nov 2014

When confronted with the possibility of rhino extinction, the South Africa DEA’s (Department of Environmental Affairs) response is “Not on my watch”. But what are they doing to prevent it?

With all the questions, doubt and mayhem surrounding the current state of affairs, the plan that remains unchanged is the translocation of rhinos out of Kruger National Park. Two thirds of the rhino poached have been in Kruger. The idea is to move them away from poaching hotspots and create rhino strongholds, where there is intense protection.

The goal is “to basically ensure that you’ve got a foundation of animals that are secure and that you can use as a source population to take elsewhere” according to Markus Hofmeyr…

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Increased giraffe poaching in Arusha region

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Maasai Giraffe, Lake Manyara, Tanzania Maasai Giraffe, Lake Manyara, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giraffe killing highlighted in the Manyara lake district

Poachers are turning their attention to giraffes in the Manyara lake region, south-west of Arusha, according to reports in local media.

Tanzania‘s national symbol, the giraffe, is a protected species but is coming under increasing attack from poachers keen to take advantage of the booming illicit trade in giraffe meat.

The killing of the animals is also fuelled by the mistaken belief that the consumption of giraffe brains and bone marrow is an effective cure for HIV/AIDS.

Giraffe meat is allegedly transported around Tanzania as well as being smuggled to restaurants in neighbouring countries where it can command a high price. The animals’ skin and hair is also used to make illegal bracelets, necklaces and fly swatters.

Some local wildlife rangers acknowledge the killing of giraffes…

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The real Face of Breed specific legislation

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How many times do we hear Dogsbite.Org and Jeff Borchardt telling us BSL does not mean people are going to come in our homes and take away our dogs and kill them? Countless.

What is happening in Louisiana right now is showing the true agenda of their “cause”. To take your innocent dog away and kill it- based on
Mind you- this innocent dog has been with this family and has ZERO aggression issues. But that doesn’t matter.

You read that right- no grandfather clause for the already existing dogs that haven’t hurt a single person.

“Taken for further disposition” aka “taken and killed”. (Read the full story here)

So let me get this straight- some “dogs” are supposedly running around- no documented dog attacks and we all know according to DBO members if a pit bull or Rotties bite it’s guaranteed trip to the ER Trauma unit. So…

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Save animals by little efforts.

Serbia: 22/11/14 – Little Tok is Seriously Ill.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag

tok sunday


Little Tok is seriously ill.

She had been badly injured before she even arrived at the shelter, one of her eyes had leaked out and a part of her lip is missing. But now her abdomen is swollen, filling with fluid and the vet suspects she has FIP. 😦 A few days ago she had a high fever and has been receiving powerful drugs since, so right now her body temperature is normal, but she’s refusing to eat and seems to be giving up already.

We all know there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time, unfortunately, but there’s also no definitive diagnostic test to confirm it’s actually FIP we’re dealing with. Knowing that Tok’s brother Tik was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputated, the vet has come to the conclusion there was something horribly wrong with the entire litter from…

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Today’s Quote

Soul Gatherings


You will find as you look back upon your life
that the moments when you have truly lived
are the moments when you have done things
in the spirit of love.

~ Henry Drummond ~

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Syrian Ambulance Driver Cares For City’s Abandoned Cats

The Metal Hare's Mix

In war torn Syria, there is a ray of hope for some abandoned cats. According to Reuters, an ambulance driver named Alaa’s has been helping some of the victims no one else has noticed: homeless cats.

Read more here.

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Baking bread…

Tangerine marmalade with no pectin

Lea Hogg

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Today, a small batch of tangerine marmalade with no artificial additives and pectin free. Cut and preserved on the same day, i think the fresher the fruit, the better the flavor. Looking forward to having it spread on my toast with a cup of coffee tomorrow morning 🙂

I used:

1 kilo fresh tangerines
1 kilo sugar
Juice of 2 lemons
250 ml water

Cut the tangerines in half and remove the seeds. Keep aside.
Squeeze the tangerines and pour the juice into a heavy pot.
Add the juice of two lemons.
Keep the skin of 4 tangerines and keep aside.
Chop the tangerine peel neatly into very thin slivers. This is a very fine cut marmalade.
Add to the pot.
Place the seeds in a muslin bag with the lemons that have been squeezed and tie securely.
Cover and bring to…

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Excite Your Palate with Spice Roasted Vegetables

Cook Plate Fork

Excite Your Palate with Spice Roasted Vegetables

Spicing up vegetables is a sure way to add flavor and taste, even for those who are picky about eating them. Roasting the vegetables with spices caramelizes the seasoning while sealing in the flavor.

The spice enzymes and chemicals will be absorbed into the vegetable during roasting. Finding the right spice and roasting style will make everyone want seconds.

To evenly coat the vegetables with a dry spice mix is best to mix in a little olive oil or if you wish to use a neutral flavored oil avocado oil could be used. The best way to do this is add the oil and spices to the bottle of the mixing bowl first, then add the vegetables and mix.

Here are some ideas of what vegetables and spices to roast together.

Moroccan Style Spice Rub

This spice mix will give vegetables a Moroccan blast of flavor. This warm to the…

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A sane view of oneself

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

A sane view of oneself
Romans 12
“… Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment …” (v.3)

We continue trying to clear up the misunderstandings that surround the word “humility.” Humility has often been confused with that sad state which we describe as an “inferiority complex.” But however much humility and an inferiority complex resemble each other — and one has to admit that superficially they do look alike — humility is deeply different.

Humility is not the result of being badly mishandled in childhood, nor is it a nervous illness. Neither is it derived from a foolish comparison with other people. Humility is a true and absorbing view of oneself seen from God’s point of view. Paul urges us in our passage today not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think, “but to think…

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