Phase 3 Of Winter Storm Knife (9 iPad Images)

Heaven On Earth

Dear Friends, again I am not able to say how grateful I am for your thoughts and prayers, for your concern and Love, and for all of you who have left comments and/or reblogged my posts regarding Winter Storm Knife to ask for prayer. I am humbly and deeply grateful.

As I have been saying, patience on your end is so appreciated as I slowly make my way through the many comments I have yet to answer. For those of you who are new to Petals, I believe in interaction and communication, all leading to friendships. I do my best to answer comments as soon as I can, but being in this disaster, I have gotten very far behind.

I do go to your blogs and I do as much as possible to follow your work, those who do follow me. If you look at the number of followers I…

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