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426 Wolves Wiped Out in 2014 and It’s Not Over…

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 November 18, 2014

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426 wolves have been wiped out since the beginning of 2014. Pups, alphas, whole packs, gone. The majority have been slaughtered in the ongoing  Idaho, Montana, Minnesota and Wisconsin wolf hunts. 17 wolves were killed in Wyoming’s “predator zone” before a federal judge recently relisted them. 3 wolves were killed in Washington state, even though they’re “protected” there. The Huckleberry Pack alpha female was shot by a WDFW sharpshooter from the air, the alpha female of the Teanaway Pack and a female wolf from the Smackout Pack, were both poached.  And I’m not even counting wolves killed by Wildlife Services this year or wolves killed in the 2014 part of the 2013/2014 hunts. That would push the total much higher.

The saddest part of all this are the hunts are far from over. Wildlife Services killings are not over.

This has to stop, we are traveling down that…

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Two stray dogs get separated during the rescue – see what happens next and please share.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait – So Long As They Outwork The Devils While They Wait

Humane PA

Guest blog by Senator Roy Afflerbach, Ret.Powerful4

Thanks to patient, steadfast, relentless repetition and perseverance by animal advocates during the 2013/14 Pennsylvania legislative session, more than two-dozen bills favorable to animals were introduced. One of the strongest bills passed this session provides for the cost of care for animals rescued from cruelty and it was signed into law.  Two others affecting the protection of police dogs also passed.  Two more bills,  the bill to end live pigeon shoots and the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption as well as the animal fighting paraphernalia bill made it to the final steps and were almost voted on before the end of October, and every bill that negatively affected animals except one has died. This has been no easy task.

Some may ask, why haven’t more bills passed? Why is it taking so long? What is the legislature doing?

These are not uncommon questions as…

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Corporations Are People too My Phriends; Tell Attorney General Eric Holder: No more excuses. Time for criminal charges against JPMorgan Chase

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