Sister of slain actress crusades against Charles Manson

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Helping outdoor animals stay warm this winter

Power, Panthers, People: Who Will Win?

Walking with the Alligators


The magnificent Florida Panther
Photo credit:

**Thought about this in my sleep last night and wanted to add it.**
The  “sunshine state” should never build another fossil fuel power plant,
everything from this point on should be green energy, as in solar and wind.
Florida has an abundance of both and should be using them NOW!!

The magnificent Florida Panther is without a doubt, the most critically Endangered animal in America, with only 100 or so, still alive today.

This is a sickening fact to repeat here, as they once were everywhere in the Southern United States.

One by one, various Companies have declared war on the land or habitats that the much beloved, beleaguered Panther clings to in its never-ending struggle to survive the ravages of ignorant, selfish and uncaring Humans.

First there was the threat of fracking and now Florida Power and  Light wants to take more land and even more water away…

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Good News: The Race Might Soon Be Over

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog


Many people like to gamble, that´s why there are so many casinos spread over the world. Along with gambling comes betting. And betting is often tied to live beings. Boxing, car races … and animal races. The two most favorite races are horse races and greyhound races. Most of those betting on these animals have no idea what a miserable life these animals lead until they either die on the tracks, are killed due to injuries obtained during a race, or are killed once they no longer can perform adequately.

“A Travis County, Texas, judge ruled that racetracks in Texas could not use slot machines to make up for their losses on live racing. This means that the cruelty of dog racing at Gulf Greyhound Park will not be subsidized and two former dog tracks will not re-open as “racinos!” The state’s last operational track will now stand…

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Calgary’s Lexi, the amazing dog, to appear on Letterman

Miracle Puppy survives accident and becomes Sweetest Boy in the World

Sherlockian's Blog

Barry’s spirit is an inspiration for all of us.

Please visit Dr Siew Tuck Wah’s site, Save our Street Dogs to learn more about his life saving work.

Please consider adopting a homeless animal and save a precious life.

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20 Things Pit Bull Parents Are Tired Of Hearing

Emilio Cogliani

Image via BarkPost

One of the cool things about being a dog-friendly company is that our lunchtime conversations tend to focus on all things dog. We all share tidbits about our dogs’ lives, including all the TMI details. We also kvetch about pup parent pawblems, like how Andi the WienerDog ate a whole sandwich and gassed the office with deadly farts, or the rude things people say to us when walking down the street with our Pittie.

So we decided to ask our pawsome followers over on Facebook what other things Pit Bull parents are sick and tired of hearing from people, and these were the results:

1. “Those types of dogs are vicious and should be killed.”
via Laura Fisher via Laura Fisher

2. “‘They all turn… every single one. It’s in their blood.’ Guess they’re right, Lulu turned into a cupcake holder.”
via Charls Bersola via Charls Bersola

3. “How will you stop them from fighting…

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Tucson Premiere of Wolf Film “OR7: The Journey” Set for Dec. 3

Wolf Is My Soul

From:  Newsletter by Center for Biological Diversity

Contact:Julie Ragland, Center for Biological Diversity, (520) 623-5252
Karen Olch, event organizer, (541) 344-1230

Documentary About Famous Wandering Wolf to Be Screened at Loft Cinema

TUCSON, Ariz.— The Center for Biological Diversity on Dec. 3 is hosting the Tucson premiere of the documentary “OR7: The Journey,” an inspiring film about the famous wolf who wandered hundreds of miles from northeast Oregon to become the first documented wolf in California in more than 80 years.

OR-7 Film PosterThe screening will be held at The Loft Cinema at 3233 E. Speedway in Tucson at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10.50 and are available through The Loft Cinema’s website. There is limited seating, and the show is expected to sell out.

Wolves were once common along the West Coast but were driven out in the late 1800s and early 1900s after decades of extermination programs…

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Ban Wildlife Killing Contests.

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Saving Africa’s Giants

Fight for Rhinos

Tonight on Animal Planet!

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40,000 Maasai told to leave their ancestral land to make way for UAE big-game hunting company

Paper to Use

The Guardian reports: Tanzania has been accused of reneging on its promise to 40,000 Masai pastoralists by going ahead with plans to evict them and turn their ancestral land into a reserve for the royal family of Dubai to hunt big game.

Activists celebrated last year when the government said it had backed down over a proposed 1,500 sq km “wildlife corridor” bordering the Serengeti national park that would serve a commercial hunting and safari company based in the United Arab Emirates.

“I feel betrayed,” said Samwel Nangiria, co-ordinator of the local Ngonett civil society group. “One billion is very little and you cannot compare that with land. It’s inherited. Their mothers and grandmothers are buried in that land. There’s nothing you can compare with it.”

Nangiria said he believes the government never truly intended to abandon the scheme in the Loliondo district but was wary of global attention

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Please help to save them

Adopt a pet in Oman

Please contact number on poster for more details and please share to try and home them! Thanks!foster dog in Muscat Oman

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Ireland’s gay bull Benjy saved from slaughterhouse

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…and don’t forget to hand in your gun on the way out the door

Better PR Will Not Solve SeaWorld’s Problems

The Earthist Chronicles

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.51.39 AM

SeaWorld already doubled down on its killer whale captivity model by pledging to invest tens of millions of dollars in bigger tanks. And now it is doubling down on the idea that better PR can defuse growing doubts about using killer whales for entertainment:

SeaWorld is working aggressively on improving its image as it continues to fend off criticism over its whales in captivity.

The company is disputing animal-rights activists online, soliciting fan support and trying to call more attention to its work with animals — such as rescuing underweight orphan manatees.

SeaWorld is making these efforts amid declining attendance and lingering controversy intensified by last year’s anti-captivity “Blackfish” documentary. The company said in an earnings report last week that negative publicity contributed to an overall third-quarter attendance decline.

“I think we’ve just realized we have to do a better job of telling our story, sharing the good work we…

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Earth Report

Scientists Identify Virus Killing Millions of Starfish

Scientists finally discovered the culprit responsible for wiping out starfish along the Pacific Coast: a killer virus called SSaDV. They can’t exactly figure out why it became deadly or if it will continue to kill a lot of other species, however.

Researchers from University of California, Santa Cruz and Cornell University said the pathogen that causes starfish to wither and die was identified as “Sea Star Associated Densovirus (SSaDV),” a type of parvovirus found in invertebrates.

SSaDV triggered the deadly epidemic among starfish because of its overpopulation caused either by a genetic mutation or other unknown environmental factors.

The densovirus dissolves the starfish in under 10 days, leaving a pile of dissolved starfish. The infection over the past 18 months has affected a majority of the starfish population and stopped their reproduction.

Aside from starfish, the disease is also present in brittle stars…

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Are we running out of chocolate & wine? 4 luxury food shortage scares

Where Does Our Chocolate Come From?

Tuesday Images …………………

ANIMAL CRUELTY Once you know, you can’t unknow!

Puppy Doe's Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals


Once you know, you can’t unknow!
Limited edition campaign with proceeds helping shelter animals.
November  2014
The illegal immigrant from Poland behind the infamous “Puppy Doe” torture case is expected to plead GUILTY later this month, according to court records.
Radoslaw Czerkawski is scheduled for a change of plea hearing Nov. 25 in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham.

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Nonhuman Rights Project – Working Toward Legal Rights for Nonhuman Animals

Our Compass

Karen Lyons Kalmenson Karen Lyons Kalmenson

SourceNonhuman Rights Project

Please sign petitionHERE

Meet Tommy the chimpanzee. The Nonhuman Rights Project found him locked in a small cage, in a dark barn, at a used-trailer lot in New York. Tommy lives in solitary confinement, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chimpanzees like Tommy are intelligent, self-aware beings. But the law still considers Tommy to be a piece of property – a “thing.” As such, he has NO LEGAL RIGHTS. While the Supreme Court has ruled that even corporations are entitled to certain legal rights, Tommy has no more rights than a pair of tennis shoes.

Add your name to this urgent petition if you agree with us that chimpanzees like Tommy belong in a sanctuary, not in a cage, not in a laboratory, and not in a circus!

The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL…

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A New Jersey Prison is Starving Stray Cats to Death, Ignoring Alternative Plan | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

3122543.largeUnder a state-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, cats lived comfortably on the grounds of Bayside State Prison in New Jersey for over a decade. On October 9, however, the cats received a rude awakening when the prison decided to implement a feeding ban, leaving the cats to starve to death.

More on the Feeding Ban

According to Alley Cat Allies, a nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to helping cats, the feeding ban came as a complete shock to the community. There was no warning that the prison was entertaining this drastic measure.

Alley Cat Allies insist that they’ve repeatedly reached out to the Bayside State Prison with no progress. The animal advocacy organization even offered the prison free food for the cats, but the prison refused. Since the prison is unwilling to work with animal organizations, Alley Cat Allies is taking the issue all the way to the New Jersey Department of…

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