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Save walruses from Big Oil

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This video is called Polar Bear Versus Walrus Colony – BBC Planet Earth.

From Wildlife Extra:

Environmental groups sue to protect walruses

Six environmental groups have filed a lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service in an attempt to protect the Chukchi Sea Walrus population in Alaska from the damaging effects of oil exploration.

Alaska Wilderness League, Centre for Biological Diversity, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club and Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands claim that the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s rule that permits oil companies to drill in an area that could cause harm to walruses.

Preliminary drilling by Royal Dutch Shell PLC has already taken place in a region that is an important feeding area for the mammals, Hannah Shoal, and they could return next year to continue exploration for oil.

Hanna Shoal is a 9,500-square mile critical feeding area…

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Rest In Peace Beautiful Oliver

One Person, One World.

Today I read something that really made me really sad. Oliver ‘the broken bear’ have passed away. Myself and many many others have followed Animal Asia’s amazing work and their story about how they rescued Oliver from a bear bile farm in China. A farm where he and the other bears suffered intense pain and abuse on daily basis. Oliver was there for almost 30 (THIRTY) years… nl-20130826-oliver-10Yesterday the amazing team that have been caring for him for four and a half happy years decided to euthanise him after his health deteriorated.

For those of you who don’t know about Oliver and his journey you can read what I wrote about him here. It’s a terrifying and brutal story, but also one filled with hope and love. Ever since I first read about him, his destiny has been in my mind and I wish I could say that I was surprised over the…

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