25 Bears Killed By Cars At Yosemite This Year

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Bear Facts – Yosemite National Park U.S. National Park Service Bear Report for October 5-October 19, 2014 reports

Fascinating Bear Fact

Black bears seldom use the same den twice during winter dormancy.

Bear Incidents

LocationBi-weekly total
This year
Parking lots and roadsides23
Other areas126

Number of incidents last year
To date: 114
Total: 120

So far this year, incidents are up 35% compared to the same time last year, but down 90% since 1998.

Activity Update

Bear activity has centered in Yosemite Valley in the past couple of weeks. Multiple bears were seen foraging daily in apple trees. Several vehicles were damaged by bears while they were eating in the Curry Village Orchard Parking Lot.

Bears obtained food that was left out on multiple occasions from campgrounds. A bear also ate several bean bags that…

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Chain-Free Elephant Volunteer Program 2015

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

GR:  Like elephants and want to visit Nepal? This might be just for you.

Build Chain-free Corrals in Nepal~Unshackle 32 Elephants
A life-changing experience—for you and the elephants!
Project overview

Elephant Aid International’s (EAI) Free the Elephants Volunteer Project is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved with a truly groundbreaking project that will forever change the way in which Nepal’s working elephants are housed, treated and managed.

As a participant, you’ll join a team of hard-working volunteers whose mission it is to successfully complete Phase Two of EAI’s “Chain Free Means Pain Free” Project in Nepal—building chain-free corrals in Chitwan National Park and releasing 32 elephants from leg chains…forever!

You’ll work in concert with EAI Founder and President Carol Buckley.  Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to witness first-hand as the elephants experience their first joyous moments of freedom from leg chains—an event you’ll help create…

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More Animal Brutality At SlaveWorld


dolphin free

Source: Repost from Peta2  (great group for young people interested in helping animals!)

A Vet Visited SeaWorld, and This Is What She Saw

Dr. Heather Rally, a veterinarian who has experience working with marine mammals, visited SeaWorld San Diego in September 2014. Her observations reveal that orcas aren’t the only ones who suffer at SeaWorld—dolphins, walruses, and pilot and beluga whales do, too. Here are her (not so) shocking findings:

1. Dolphins with skin conditions and likely depressed immune systems interacted with the public.

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine found that “[s]tress, environmental conditions and general health appear to play a major role in the clinical manifestation of dolphin pox.” Despite the stressful conditions of confinement, dolphins are still expected to perform and interact with the public.

SeaWorld dolphin

“The dolphins involved in human interaction activities had obvious skin lesions,” says Dr. Rally. These pox-like lesions…

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The Sad Story of Laika, the First Dog Launched Into Orbit

The ONLY threat to adult rhinos is humans

Fight for Rhinos

It’s amazing how many people still don’t know about the fight for the lives of rhinos. Please share this Wildaid video far and wide-let’s get the word out!

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SAO PAOLO: Obrigada

Norway Stops Subsidising Commercial Seal Hunting

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Press Release International Fund for Animal Welfare

Norway stops subsidising commercial seal hunt effectively ending commercial seal hunting in Europe

The Norwegian government has announced it will no longer waste money propping up an unnecessary commercial seal hunt citing the need to manage “economic priorities.”

“This is brilliant news and it will save tens of thousands of seals a cruel death. This is also tremendous success for the EU ban on commercial seal products. By closing our markets to cruelty Europeans can be proud of ending cruelty elsewhere,” said Sonja Van Tichelen, IFAW EU Regional Director.

The decision to cut the 12 million kronor (€1.43 million) subsidy comes less than a year after the WTO upheld the right of the EU to ban commercial seal products on moral grounds.

“It seems clear that the conservative Norwegian government has realised that the bans on commercial seal products in 34 countries are…

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Rotten odors rouse citizen sleuths in Pennsylvania gas patch

Rotten odors rouse citizen sleuths in Pennsylvania gas patch.

India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

Great Cats of the "World"


NEW DELHI – (AP) — Indian authorities set fire Sunday to a stockpile of tiger skins, elephant tusks, rhino horns and other illegal animal parts in an effort to discourage wildlife smuggling in South Asia.

Animal poaching and smuggling have flourished in India, driven by black market demand from China, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries where many believe exotic animal parts have medicinal or aphrodisiacal properties. In most cases, there is no scientific evidence that they do.

Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar loaded more than 42,000 illegal animal parts into a large, blazing oven at the Delhi Zoo. The parts included tiger and leopard pelts, reptile skins, rhino horns and shawls made from endangered Tibetan antelope called shahtoosh.

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India destroys stockpile of illegal wildlife parts – Newsday
From tiger skins to elephant tusks, India sets fire to stockpile of illegal wildlife parts

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Raw Video of Tony 9.22.2014

Free Tony The Tiger

Video taken of Tony recently. New media of Tony is always appreciated. If you visit Tony, document your visit with pictures and video, and please share them with us. Send us a tweet via Twitter @FreeTonyTiger or email: roar4tony@yahoo.com Thanks again for your continued to support of Tony’s release to a reputable big cat sanctuary.

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