6 Simple Ways to Eat More Fiber

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Eating enough fiber is essential for helping to promote your digestion, improve your blood sugar levels, control weight and prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. So, fiber is so important to good health, but the truth is that most Americans get less than half the recommended daily amount of fiber. Experts recommend 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams for men daily, while the average American consumes only around 15 grams. How to add more fiber to your diet? Here are some simple guides:1. Eating more plant foods, including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This is one of the healthiest ways and the most recommended method to get your fiber, as these foods also provide the essential nutrients your body needs. The Huffington Post Canada listed 14 high-fiber foods:
Brussels Sprouts
Whole Grains
Flax Seeds

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Some people might view the bat species as a group of vicious blood-sucking predators. But, in reality this is not the case, most bats pose little or no threat to humans and are actually an incredibly beneficial species to humans. Bats can eat millions of bugs in one night which means that farmers don’t have to use as much pesticide when bats are around. Not to mention, bats are pollinators.

However, the bat population is greatly threatened by a disease known as white nose syndrome, in addition to habitat loss and climate change. White nose syndrome is a form of fungus that grows on bats when they are hibernating. So far, six million bats have died from this disease so far.

Thankfully, Bat Man is here to protect the bat species! Well … maybe not the real Bat Man, but the guy who plays him in the…

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