WATCH: Colbert Takes on the NRA’s Opposition to Pet Eating Ban | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

colbert-592x399Thanks to the NRA people in Pennsylvania can eat their pets. No, seriously.

Stephen Colbert tackled the subject in his show on Tuesday explaining how exactly that came to be.

As it turns out, it started when local butcher shops started selling dog and cat meat and people realized there wasn’t a law prohibiting that from happening. Legislators then quickly put together House Bill 1750 that outlawed eating of household pets.

The bill, however was opposed by the NRA and never got voted on. The reason was that when the bill proceeded to the senate, a ban on live pigeon shoots was tacked on to the bill.

“According to the NRA website, banning the shooting of captive pigeons might ‘begin a slide down a slippery slope and ‘the next stop will be regulated shooting grounds,’”, said Colbert. “The dogs and cats must die in order that the pigeons may…

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