Pit Bull survives a fire, and then left behind by his family. Please Share.

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Mystery disease killing millions of West Coast starfish.

The Truth is Where?

By Anne Murray on August 20th, 2014.       Find Full Article Here:-

Summertime is beach time but all is not well on the coast.

I recently visited my favourite rocky beach, on the southern coast of a Gulf island, in the midst of the Salish Sea. Turquoise blue water sparkled under a cloudless sky and a warm glow lit the encircling bluffs. An otter pulled up on shore, its glossy pelt glistening with salt and sea foam. It held a large rock crab in its claws and chewed on it with relish. The current swirls around the rocks here, carrying cold, oxygen-rich waters into shore, where clusters of mussels, clams, and starfish await the nutrients it brings.

Yet, on this day, something was wrong. The thick clumps of purple ochre stars that normally crammed into every rock gully…

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11 Foods That Double As Cleaning Products

Emilio Cogliani

Ketchup is delicious, sure, but did you know that it’s also effective at polishing copper? Yea, bet you find it a little less appetizing now. But ketchup isn’t the only condiment or food that has dual purposes. In fact, many of the things you eat all the time have uses other than just keeping you satiated.

Here are 11 foods that do double-duty as cleaning products. You should always remember these, if for no other reason than they will save you money.

1. Banana peels can polish silver


Don’t throw away that banana peel just yet. If your prized silverware collection is starting to get a bit tarnished, just rub the inside of a banana peel along the tarnished parts on your silver and it will help them look as good as new.

2. Cucumber peels can remove marks on walls and tables


According to Saudia Davis, the founder…

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This Technology Lets You Become a Dolphin TakePart

Climate Change is Hurting Animals on Land and Sea, and We Need to Stop It | Care2 Causes

Life or Lunch?

3118491.largeClimate change is, sadly, mostly our fault. While we feel and hear about the consequences every day, we often turn a blind eye to how our damage is hurting those who can’t speak for themselves. From the land to the sea, climate change is affecting all the animals on this planet.

Temperature Increases, Goat Body Size Decreases

According to Phys, research from Durham University suggests that climate change is real and has real consequences, such as making Alpine goats smaller. Researchers studied the goats, formally known as Alpine Chamois, for 30 years. Amazingly, the current goats are 25 percent smaller in body size than their counterparts of the same age in the 1980s. This shrinking trend is nothing new; many species are already getting smaller because of climate change.

However, this research is intriguing because of the magnitude and speed of this change. Researchers also noted that this change…

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