Wildlife officials seek assistance in red wolf death

Wolf Is My Soul

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Greece: Petition – Stop the poisoning of dogs in Zakynthos. Please Sign – Link Below.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



Photo – Wikipedia

Hi everyone;

I just signed this petition — will you join me?

The Mayor of Zakynthos: Stop the poisoning of dogs in Zakynthos.

Read about Zakynthos  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakynthos
To: The Mayor of Zakynthos

The petition is really important and could use our help.

Click here to find out more and sign:


Aim – to reach target of 5,000 signatures.  Currently approaching 2,300.

Thanks so much,

Mark – SAV.

Petition wording:

 Dear Mr Mayor,

I am writing on behalf of many people who have visited Zakynthos over many years. We love the island and have friends amongst it’s people. However, in recent years we have been extremely distressed and disturbed by the growing and continuing animal abuse and neglect that occurs on Zakynthos and this has lead to many people stating that they will never return to Zakynthos.

There have been reports via Facebook of…

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Wisconsin Wolf Kill Quota Scaled Back for 2014……..But Still Far Too High

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

Wisconsin wants to "legally" kill 156 wolves this year. Wisconsin wants to “legally” kill 156 wolves this year.

Last year hounders, trappers, and hunters killed 257 wolves during Wisconsin’s second wolf killing season. This number was six above the quota of 251 set by the DNR and their “Wolf Advisory Committee.” Yesterday, the hunter/trapper/hounder dominated committee set their quota recommendation for the 2014 wolf kill season. This year they want to kill 156 wolves. 101 less than the total number “legally” killed last year.

This year the winter population survey showed that the Wisconsin wolf population plummeted by 19 percent from same time last year. This massive population drop was in line with the Wisconsin DNR’s stated goal of bringing the population closer to the archaic number of “350” set in the 1999 state wolf management plan and championed by anti-wolf lobbying groups across the state.

The committee that sets the annual wolf kill quota recommendation, the Wolf Advisory…

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Creating A Monster: Wisconsin Extremist Hunting Groups Want More and More and More Killing of Wolves……Shock

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

The monster that the DNR created is turning on them.....shock. The monster that the DNR created is turning on them…..shock.

When the the Wisconsin DNR changed the makeup of their “Wolf Advisory Committee” and stacked it with representatives from rabid anti-wolf groups, what did they think would happen? Did they think that all of the years of pandering to these extremist groups would make them reasonable and fair when it came to making decisions regarding Wisconsin’s wolf population? Now the monster that they created is turning on them and making more and more unreasonable and extreme demands and frustrations are becoming evident among some on the Wolf Advisory Committee.

The most recent push by the extreme wolf haters on this committee is to open up “Zone 6,” which is essentially two-thirds of the state, to unlimited wolf killing. This proposal is very similar to the reckless plan in Wyoming that allows wolves to be killed 24/7/365 by any means possible…

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Plastic Bags Going, Going, Gone


Marks and Spencer carrier bag Marks and Spencer is one of the retailers that has agreed to donate the extra money from carrier bag sales to good causes in Scotland. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Small local moves here and there add up, on occasion, to major change. We are amazed to learn of the scale of the success in the Celtic region with the program to ensure consumers and vendors share in the cost of the environmental mess that plastic bags create. Thanks to the Guardian for this coverage:

Scottish shops start charging for bags

Charge of at least 5p a carrier bag introduced in bid to emulate 70% fall in usage in Wales and Northern Ireland

Scotland is joining Wales and Northern Ireland in charging shoppers for carrier bags , in an attempt to encourage sustainable behaviour among shoppers. Last year, shoppers at Scotland’s main supermarket chains alone used 800m single-use bags, most of…

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Wisconsin Trophy Hunters Wipe Out 65 Wolves In Just 4 Days..

Howling For Justice

Wisconsin wolf public domain

Deja’ Vu – Slaughtered Wisconsin Wolf – 1909 – What’s different today?

October 18, 2014

There’s a wolf killing frenzy going on in Wisconsin. In just four days Wisconsin trophy hunters have slaughtered 65 wolves, that’s over 16 wolves per day. Wolves are being tracked and trailed by up to 6 dogs per hunter and I don’t believe for one second that some of those wolves haven’t been directly killed by dogs or at the very least bitten multiple times before they’re killed by the hunters. Can you imagine the terror wolves face as their chased by barking dogs and hunters?

Besides legalized dog/wolf fighting,Wisconsin allows wolves to be trapped, arrowed, shot and baited. And they’re killing wolf puppies, who are barely eight months old. Trophy hunting is sick and anyone who engages in it needs their heads examined.

The Badger state trophy hunters are acting like barbarians, this is…

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Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet.  This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet. This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. Source unknown and used under “Fair Use.” 

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.”

The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf sites infecting the internet regarding Wisconsin’s third wolf slaughter season.

This past weekend the DNR slowly released information that 85 wolves have been “reported” killed since last Wednesday. Of the six killing zones two of them, Zones 1 and 2, reported kill numbers well over the established quota. Zone 2 was 14 (14!!!!) over the kill quota of…

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Wisconsin Bear Hounders and DNR Try to Cover Up Wolf and Dog Fighting by Instituting Program that No One Will Participate In

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

This is what we think of the DNR's "voluntary" plan to give bear hounders cover. This is what we think of the DNR’s “voluntary” plan to give bear hounders cover.

During the past month the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the rabidly anti-wolf Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association have been trying to wage a public relations effort seeking to dupe the citizenry into thinking that pitting dogs against wolves does not lead to bloody fights. In fact the hounders want you to believe this so much that they went out of their way to tell the media that they “support” a new voluntary plan to let the DNR “examine” hounder killed wolves.

“The Department of Natural Resources plans to ask wolf hunters to allow federal wildlife specialists to watch them skin their kills this fall and document signs of bite trauma.”

“DNR officials have acknowledged few hunters will likely participate. But Bear Hunters’ Association President Al Lobner said Friday his group supports the plan. He it…

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Vegan because plants don’t have feelings? You’re going to need a new reason.

Vegan because plants don’t have feelings? You’re going to need a new reason..

Meatless Monday Its Food Day All Week | Meatless Monday

Life or Lunch?


Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food. This year it will kick off with Meatless Monday on October 20thFood Day is officially Friday, October 24th, but people will be celebrating all week throughout the United States. The grassroots organization estimates there will be over 7,500 events this week, from Meatless Monday gatherings to events celebrating locally sourced food.

Food Day aims to help people “Eat Real.” That means, to prefer whole foods—like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—over processed foods, and to choose foods that are raised in a sustainable manner.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a nonprofit consumer health advocacy organization, established Food Day to promote united by a vision of food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment. CSPI focuses on the link between nutrition and health and on food safety…

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Small and isolated dolphin populations are under threat (Australia)

The ocean update

Only recently discovered, the Burrunan dolphin is now in need of urgent conservation action. AMMCF , Author provided Only recently discovered, the Burrunan dolphin is now in need of urgent conservation action. AMMCF , Author provided

October 16th, 2014 (Kate Charlton-Robb). The Burrunan dolphin, Tursiops australis, has only recently been discovered but is already under threat due to its small and isolated populations.

Our team of researchers from the Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation (AMMCF), Museum Victoria and Monash University, have investigated the population genetic structure of the Burrunan dolphin from the two only known resident populations : one from Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes, and from other locations across coastal Victoria and Tasmania.

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Recipe Of The Week!

Cockatoo Pulled His Feathers Out After Owner Died, Now He Has Fresh Start And Needs New Home

Emilio Cogliani

King O the cockatoo’s bald little head hints at how stressful his life used to be.

“He was very attached to his first person, and from all accounts he had a wonderful life with her. When she died, he grieved for her,” says Jacqueline Johnson, who runs the bird department at Best Friends Animal Society. “His next home was with a family member who had no idea how to help him cope with his loss and grief. That is when he started pulling out his feathers with his feet.”

The new owner reached out to Best Friends to see if the bird might be happier living at the group’s massive sanctuary in the red hills of southern Utah, which is home to some 100 birds and 1,600 other animals, including dogs, cats, horses, pigs and bunnies.

Indeed, the 15-year-old — originally mistaken for a female and named Ophelia —…

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Police Officer Reportedly Calls Dog to Him Then Shoots Dog to Death


Max, as shown on the WFAA website. Max, as shown on the WFAA website.

In August, police in Cleburne, TX responded to a call about 3 loose dogs who had escaped their fenced yard.  One dog was reportedly captured without incident before police arrived.  The other two were located by a police officer, whose identity is being kept hidden by the department, who reported that the 7 month old puppy behaved in a threatening manner toward him, including growling, and that he had to shoot the puppy to death.

The puppy’s owner received the news and could not believe it.  Her puppy, called Max, had never acted in an aggressive manner and the story didn’t make sense to her.  So she FOIA’d the officer’s body cam footage of the shooting.  That footage (which I have not watched) reportedly shows the officer coaxing the two loose dogs to him, the dogs behaving in a friendly manner and…

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Dozens Who Had Contact With the First U.S. Ebola Patient Are in the Clear

Sam’s Club donates $ 2,500 to Florida mos que named after mili tary wing of terror group Hamas

a12iggymom's Blog

by creeping
via FFA
Sam’s Club donates $2,500 to a mosque that was named after military wing of Hamas, directed by man who pleaded guilty to raising support for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), has been a member of ISNA and hosted CAIR propaganda event.

A Florida Family Association supporter happened to look up at the wall behind the checkout line at the Sam’s Club located at 2021 Brandon Boulevard in Brandon, Florida. He saw a large photograph of a check made out from Sam’s Club in the amount of $2,500 payable to the Islamic Community of Tampa located in the top left prominent position on the wall. Florida Family Association snapped a cellphone photograph. Photographs indicated that no other non-profit organization received more than $500.

Read More: http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/sams-club-donates-2500-to-florida-mosque-named-after-military-wing-of-terror-group-hamas/

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Monday Meeting — Loyal Dog Waits for Owner

Soul Gatherings

loyal dog

Dogs have long held the distinction of “man’s best friend,” ever-cheerful companions with whom we share our homes and our lives. But the most revealing proof of their love and faithfulness isn’t seen only in the happiest of times, but also when things are at their bleakest.

Members from the animal welfare organization Blue Cross of India recently witnessed a remarkable testament to the bonds of loyalty between people and their pets — one which endures even after death.

The organization explains on their Facebook page that while driving through the city of Chennai earlier this month, Blue Cross general manager Dawn Williams noticed a dog sitting off the road next to a fresh grave.

There are an estimated 35 million stray dogs in India, so Williams didn’t stop to give it much thought. Little could he have known then that the animal wasn’t in fact a stray; he was…

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