Saving the Dogs of Gladno Polje, Bosnia



GladnoLeila2Gladno Polje is a public “shelter” on the outskirts of Sarajevo that has existed for 3 years. 150-200 dogs live in this shelter in horrific conditions, and more dogs and puppies are constantly being dumped, some in dire need of veterinary care.

If it were not for dog-catchers taking dogs off the streets to who-knows-where, dogs would probably be better off on the streets than in this awful place.

P1020658When Andrea and Sandra visited Gladno a few weeks ago, it was late afternoon. But because there is no electricity in the shelter, the inside part where there are many dog pens was in pitch darkness. The sensation of walking into this space is impossible to truly describe. All we could make out were some of the dogs’ eyes as they looked desperately at us through the bars of their pens. The smell was completely overpowering – there had been no running water that day…

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4 comments on “Saving the Dogs of Gladno Polje, Bosnia

      • OH no I cannot imagine it! I could not look. I cannot stand to see animals, kids or old people mistreated. Well anyone for that matter. It’s amazing the things that go on! Amazing posts Nancy! I can tell you have a passion to share all that you do!


        • I don’t either Michelle its very hard but I’m one of those that needs to make things better.
          I enjoy your blog very much…it’s a breath of fresh air and sunshine…✖♥✖♥


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