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Life or Lunch?

vegan-fest-635x357-1200x675We have written about Israel going vegan-crazy before. Earlier this year, the Israeli Domino’s Pizza chain became the first in the world to offer a soy-cheese option. Then, hundreds of people attended at the country’s first-ever Vegan Congress in Tel Aviv. Now, Israel has another vegan trophy to add to their wall –  they held the world’s largest vegan festival.

The festival, Vegan Fest 2014, took place at the Ramat Gan National Park and attracted thousands of people. There were 15,000 advanced ticket purchasers and about a hundred booths for vegan businesses and organizations. Among the swag and samples were vegan Domino’s pizza, vegan condoms, vegan Middle Eastern desserts, vegan cosmetics, vegan supplements and vegan food. Now, that’s our kind of festival. Vegan goodies all around? Sounds awesome!

Among the vegan speakers were New Yorker Prof. Richard Schwartz, who told The Jerusalem Post, ”Having the world’s largest vegan festival…

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Have I Been “Threatened” for Defending Pit Bulls? You Tell Me

Sounds like a ~ BITCH ~ threat to me.

Emilio Cogliani

It’s time to deal with the tactics I’ve encountered since deciding to work against the slaughter of pit-bull-like dogs. The behavior of Barbara Kay, in particular — a columnist at the National Post — has become disturbing. Ms. Kay is apparently incensed that I’m collaborating on a children’s book that features a dog of this type. One of the many aims of this book, Galunker, is to rehabilitate the reputation of these slandered creatures. This upsets her.

Now, heated argument is normal, when it comes to contentious issues. What deviates from standard practice, however — especially on the part of a professional journalist — is an effort to silence your opponent.

Barbara Kay has yet to come after me in the National Post itself; she insists that she will; but much of our exchange has already ended up quite public. I told her via email that I was investigating…

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Twitter Introduces New Way to Listen to Audio

10 Things You’d Miss If the Ocean Called It Quits

Emilio Cogliani

Humans have taken a lot from the ocean — but what if the ocean decided to call it quits? What if the ocean, encapsulated in the film below by the booming voice of Harrison Ford, really did stop providing us with the generous benefits it has given us for all of human history? What would happen then?

This possibility is something that more and more governments, businesses and organizations are waking up to, and they are starting to worry. Just consider the remarkable range of benefits we get from healthy oceans:

  1. Food provision through wild fisheries and fish farming. About 4.3 billion people get around 15% of their animal protein and essential nutrition from seafood.
  2. Natural products like shells, seaweed, fish oil and coral. Each year, people consume almost 23 million tons of seaweed alone, an amount valued at over US 6 billion.
  3. Coastal protection. Natural barriers like coral reefs…

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Photo of the Day: Plant Food, Not Corn; Eat Plants, Not Meat!

The Paw Report

CornThe above graphic was taken from a recently published article, “A hard look at corn economics — and world hunger.” As you can see, corn is not a “foodstuff,” but “industrial material.” And the majority of the crop becomes animal feed.

In a world where 842 million people are malnourished, should we really be using our limited land space and depleting resources (like water) on raising and feeding livestock? Consider:

“Take corn, and add in other giant crops that basically just feed animals—crops like soybeans, barley, hay, sorghum—and two-thirds of U.S. farmland goes to animal feed. […] The trick would be convincing the country—and other countries that import animal feed from the U.S.—to go vegan. […] Would it be enough to feed the 10 billion people the United Nations projects as global population by 2100? ‘We would have more land available for the 10 billion than…

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Action Alert: Please Help Save the Nightingale from Extinction

Rhino horn demand in Vietnam drops by more than 33% in one year

Emilio Cogliani

Information campaign successfully changes minds of people who think rhino horn has medicinal value

Continue reading…

from Environment | The Guardian

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A Guide To Choosing The Best Apple For Pies, Cider And More

Emilio Cogliani

We’d never complain about fall’s bountiful apple options: Honey Crisps, Pink Ladies and Fujis tickle our fancy all nestled in their crates at the farmer’s market. But, when choosing an apple, it can be difficult to exert restraint and not pile every kind into your basket.

This little chart should help you pick the perfect apple for whatever you have in mind — whether you intend to whip up a pie, cider, butter or sauce… or you just want a crunchy, crisp addition to your office lunch.

fall apples

Image courtesy of American Express’ Tumblr, which creates and curates content to inspire, motivate and advise people on a range of subjects–covering health/wellness, food, personal finance, DIY and the new definition of success. This specific image was created by Lexi’s Clean Kitchen for American Express’ Tumblr.

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Video of the Day: “Is it Morally Permissible to Kill Animals For Food?”

The Paw Report

Tyler Dogget, an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Vermont, made this fantastic video on the issue of killing animals for food. Please watch and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Austin Flake, Son Of Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Among 4 Indicted On Animal Cruelty Charges

Emilio Cogliani

PHOENIX, Oct 15 (Reuters) – The owners of a suburban Phoenix dog-boarding kennel and two caretakers, one of them the son of U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, were indicted on animal cruelty charges on Wednesday after the deaths of 21 dogs at the facility in June, county prosecutors said.
A state grand jury indicted kennel owners Jesse Todd Hughes and Maleisia Hughes each with 22 felony and seven misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals and one count of fraud for the incident inside a cramped room at the Green Acre boarding facility, prosecutors said.
Authorities said the dogs died from suffocation and overheating.
Caretakers Logan Flake and Austin Flake, son of Senator Flake of Arizona, were each charged with 21 felony and seven misdemeanor animal cruelty charges, according to the indictment.
“We now look forward to the next step in seeing that justice is served in this case,” Maricopa County Attorney…

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Tell South Africa’s Kruger National Park to Stop Its Rhino Sale