Vancouver Presentation – Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 2014


On October 4th 2014 Vancouver will take part in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. 130 cities around the world are marching in the biggest demonstration ever to create awareness of the plight of these two species and to demand that governments end the blood ivory and rhino horn trade. This presentation will be shown at the demonstration. Every person who becomes aware and knows about the struggle for survival these species face takes us one step closer to winning the war against extinction. If you can share this with one person you will have helped. Thank you.

Your Flight crew.

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Pictures – Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – Vancouver


I am proud to have been a part of this amazing, grassroots event that took place October 4th in 136 cities around the world where people all marched to end the ivory and rhino horn trades that threaten these species. Here are a few pictures from the Vancouver event:


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Video that will change your life I have no words left – You Tube

Customers complain luxury Hermès handbags smell like skunks

Tell Swiss Zoo To Stop Selling Meat From Its Own Animals

Endangered … in danger: Illegal trading pushes animals towards extinction

England: CIWF Expose The 320 Million + Rabbits Kept In Factory Farm Conditions In Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus. Please Sign The Petition and Watch The Video – End Rabbit Cages In The EU.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


SAV Comment

Around 320 MILLION Rabbits are kept in battery cage conditions in certain nations of the EU.  Its time to stop this and act now.  Please watch the video (links given below) and see the squalid conditions and suffering that these animals have to endure.

End the cage now – please sign the petition via the link given below.

Thanks – Mark


We have just signed Compassion in World Farming’s petition.

I think it might be of interest to you. Compassion want to end the use of cages in rabbit farming in Europe.

Rabbits are the most caged farm animal in the EU – over 330 million are farmed for meat every year. And almost all of these are caged.

Will you help us to End the Cage Age?
Sign the petition here:  

See undercover video at:

OR watch on Youtube at:

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Golden Retrievers Tend To Owner For 2 Days After Fall Until Help Arrives, Show True Loyalty

Emilio Cogliani

Some guardian angels choose to look over us from close by.

And such help from two loving golden retrievers might be the reason Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida, is still alive today. When the 76-year-old woman, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and lives alone, fell in her kitchen, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger clung to her side for two days until help arrived, reported ABC News.

Muhe bruised her head and shattered her shoulder when she fell, and spend the subsequent 48 hours drifting in and out of consciousness. Her two dogs, aware of her distress, laid down next to her, keeping her as warm and as comfortable as they possibly could.

“The main thing was they let me know I was not alone,” Muhe told ABC News. “[Higgins] laid up against my back, and Dodger laid on my feet and legs … I don’t know what I…

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SeaWorld San Diego President says SeaWorld has “no intention of allowing anyone to close all zoos and aquariums”

Stop SeaWorld

Unfortunately SeaWorld is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary. John Reilly, the President of SeaWorld San Diego, says that SeaWorld is not “backing down,” and that he’s “very proud.” He claims that the animal care at SeaWorld can help animals, that would otherwise be threatened in the wild, “flourish.” I find it hard to believe that the animals at SeaWorld “flourish” while they are in captivity. Do you?

SeaWorld President: ‘We’re Not Backing Down’ Amid Calls for Closing

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This Is How Much Water It Takes To Make Your Favorite Foods

Emilio Cogliani

Extensive drought has Californians thinking twice about running the tap while brushing their teeth or taking that 20-minute shower. But what some people don’t realize is that a huge portion of our water footprint is “hidden,” meaning it’s used for the things we eat or wear, and for the energy we use. Globally, agricultural production accounts for 92 percent of our water footprint. In the United States, meat consumption alone accounts for a whopping 30 percent of our water footprint.

So exactly how much water do the foods you eat require? Which food would win in a water use showdown? We’ve got the answers below, along with some helpful hints about reducing the water footprint of your diet.

All data come from Water Footprint Network’s website and reports on the global average water footprint of different foods. All winners are based on the gallons of water needed to produce…

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Monsanto Announces Major Losses After Settling Environmental Suit – 13 October 2014

Lucas 2012 Infos

RT logoBiotech giant Monsanto announced major losses for their fourth quarter last week well below analysts’ expectations after spending millions settling an environmental suit.

The St. Louis, Missouri-headquartered company announced a loss of $156 million, or 31 cents per share, on Wednesday, 7 cents per share beyond what analysts surveyed by both Bloomberg and Zacks Investment Research had expected.

According to the Associated Press, Monsanto managed to take the biggest blow during the last quarter due to a one-time payment made to settle an environmental legal case and, had it not occurred, the company would have lost only 27 cents per share. As RT reported at the time, residents of a West Virginia town where Monsanto formerly operated a chemical plant have since July been able to receive free medical monitoring or have their property cleaned-up thanks to a settlement agreement valued at over $90 million.
Read the full story…

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Whales and Anti-submarine Warfare: Why the Navy needs Whales

The Deafening Sound of Freedom

Whales are incredibly intelligent creatures, yet they could care less about our politics. They have no interest in our wars. They care about finding food and making little baby whales. Nevertheless, in an environment as interconnected as the ocean, everything has an impact on everything else. And whales have an important impact on anti-submarine warfare.

First some basics. There are two types of whales: the toothed whales, known as odontocetes, and the baleen whales, known as mysticetes. The toothed whales have one blowhole, and the mysticetes have two. The odontocetes tend to be smaller, and the mysticetes generally larger. Specifically, some of the largest animals the world has ever seen are baleen whales. Yet I am always amazed by the fact these giants feed on some of the smallest stuff in the sea. Constantin Stanislavski famously said, “there are no small parts, just small actors.” Perhaps no where is that…

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Compansionate Cop Saves Service Dog Belonging To Girl Who Has Cerebral Palsy

Emilio Cogliani

The bond between this little girl with special needs and her service dog is incredibly special.

Faith Cloud of Pierce County, Washington, has cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate verbally. Sometimes the only way her mother, Tonya Cloud, can calm her down when she’s upset is to have her play with her dog, Spice, reported KIRO 7.

On Oct. 3, Spice was hit by a car and left with a broken leg and multiple pelvic fractures when the driver fled the scene. Pierce County detective Ryan Salmon noticed a crowd gathering at the scene of the accident, and zeroed in on Faith in her wheelchair next to her injured dog on the ground, according to KIRO 7.

In that moment, Salmon took Spice, Faith, her mother and a friend to the nearby hospital to address the dog’s wounds. When he heard later that the family could not afford…

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Help Save Farm Animals From Fire Deaths!

Enjoy these unusual Scenes

Sea Life


The Sea Life Is Fascinating. Thanks stockvault. The Sea Life Is Fascinating.
Thanks stockvault.

Creatures from a magical mystical place

Inhabit our oceans with beauty and grace

Undulating and flowing as they go their way

New adventures abound nearly everyday

The deep sea floor reveals moving plants

Like dancers you would think at first glance

Little stars skim along the deepest salty sands

Creatures in shells slowly moving sure hands

There is only one thing that destroys the view

That is the trash that comes from me and you.

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support The Black Fish

THE TRUE COST OF IVORY: Onegreenplanet

The Different Side To Paradise



Today Outlook

ParadiseIt’s well-known for its opulent accommodation, turquoise waters and awe-inspiring beaches. Nonetheless, these pictures unveil the darker side to the Maldives – with tons of rubbish washed up on the island’s pristine sands. Award-winning filmmaker Alison Teal, 27, toured Thilafushi – or Trash Island – a man-made island built as a municipal landfill located to the west of Malé.
Paradise2She said it was a shock to see the piles of plastic bottles floating in the crystal-clear sea and littered over the usually idyllic beaches. Partnered by Australian photographer Mark Tipple and his associate Sarah Lee, the team captured these awful images and footage to document the luxury destination’s waste problem.
Paradise3There are more than 400 tonnes of garbage thrown away on the Maldives’ island per day – a figure credited mostly to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls relies. One visitor on an average generates 3.5kg of…

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Icebergs once drifted to Florida, new climate model suggests

Emilio Cogliani

Using a first-of-its-kind, high-resolution numerical model to describe ocean circulation during the last ice age about 21,000 year ago, oceanographers have shown that icebergs and meltwater from the North American ice sheet would have regularly reached South Carolina and even southern Florida. The models are supported by the discovery of iceberg scour marks on the sea floor along the entire continental shelf.

from Top Environment News — ScienceDaily

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Cruelty is Cruelty, Any Way You Slice It

Our Compass

Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons

Source Huffington Post
ByKathy Stevens

While generally not considered newsworthy, chickens have recently been in the spotlight. First, chickens made the news around the world as orthodox Jewish communities practiced the ritual of Kapparot — a Yom Kippur tradition of swinging a live chicken over “the sinner’s” head and then slaughtering it. Chicken brutality in Fresno, California also made headlines, when close to 1,000 chickens were bludgeoned to death by four teenagers who broke into a farm.

“What a bad week to be a chicken,” you might have thought.

Friends, it is always a bad week to be a chicken.

It is human nature to reel against heinous and purposeful cruelty. For instance, the story of a Brooklyn man who kicked a cat while being filmed recently went viral, as did the infamous Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. We Americans have little tolerance for deliberate cruelty, so…

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‘Sweet’ dog recovering from brutal attack; required 1,000 stitches

What’s the most energy-efficient way to charge my cellphone?

What’s the most energy-efficient way to charge my cellphone?.

Frackers are dumping toxic waste into California’s groundwater

Frackers are dumping toxic waste into California’s groundwater.

Dog Owned by Dallas Ebola Patient Won’t Be Put Down


Cow’s Milk Without the Cows –

Life or Lunch?

516871511copyOn September 30, two biohackers received 2 million dollars to develop the world’s first man-made cow’s milk.

By modifying sunflower oil to mimic milk fats and culturing yeast to release casein, Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi are hoping to create a plant-based milk that is nearly identical to dairy.

Their startup, aptly named Muufri (sounds like moo-free), aims to tap into the 140 billion-dollar dairy industry and have animal-free milk on the shelves before 2017.

“We’re basically using biotechnology to make milk without pasteurization and without the risk of contaminants like pesticides, hormones or bacteria that can spoil the milk quickly,” Pandya says. “It’s quite similar to the process to make medicine and insulin, so it will be super sterile.”

Additionally, Muufri milk will have virtually no carbon footprint compared to milk taken from cows. Not only can it take up to 2,000 gallons of fresh water to produce one…

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