Check out this colorful tree found here in North Carolina

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Should you sign the back of your credit card?

NC customers will get part of $80 million from AT&T


HLN~ Jane Velez-Mitchell, is a vegan and big animal lover had this on her show.
I’m so glad Jane show this… now more people will know.

U.S. Airways apologizes after flight attendant allegedly refused to hang Army Ranger’s jacket

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Amazing new satellite photos show ‘Pumpkin Sun’

Crackdown on free speech? Police arrest controversial blogger for second time

Bosnia: Let’s Respect Animals and their Right to Life


sv2-635x300The following is a translation of an interview with Snezana Vidovic, President of the association animal rescue and protection, Sapa Zenica. The interview was published on on 4.10.2014, and the interviewer was Jelena Paunovic from Journalists For Animals. 

Snezana Vidovic: Let’s respect animals and their right to life

The entire world marks April 4th as the World Stray Animals Day. Five years after the Animal Protection and Welfare law came into effect, the situation for stray and uncared for animals on the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) remains difficult. We spoke to Snezana Vidovic, President of the association for protection and animal rescue “SAPA Zenica” from Zenica, regarding the law, solutions to this problem, and the role of organizations in protecting animals.

Interview by: Jelena Paunovic

Today is October 4th, the World Animal Day. How do you view this date?

P1020072In celebration of the World…

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Mews: Do you live in a country “ruled” by Cats or Dogs ;)?

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These 14 states have a plan for climate change. The rest of you are screwed.

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Only nine others have plans in the works, according to a new study.


GR: It must feel so awkward to deny climate change. It must feel so insane to defend the oil and coal industry while watching your state hopelessly prepare for a disaster of biblical proportions. What disturbs me most is the miniscule portion of resources that will go into planning for wildlife and wildlife habitat protection.

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Wyoming, A Public Mourns

Wild Horse Education

photo BLM Colin Brayly photo BLM Colin Brayly

1263 Wild horses were removed from the “checkerboard” area in Wyoming. The areas included horses in the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town, and Salt Wells Creek. These horses lived and thrived in an area of public and private property that had significant interests in livestock and in energy use. The reason they were removed is that wild horses can’t read when they are crossing boundary lines.

Litigation and IBLA Appeals were filed. Litigation did not result in a restraining order. The IBLA Appeal was put “on hold” pending resolution of litigation (WHE assisted with one of the stages of the Appeal).

From BLM website: “This checkerboard wild horse removal is not a population management action related to appropriate management levels. Instead, the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, Section 4 requires that the BLM remove wild horses from private land if requested by the land owner. This removal also…

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NC family heartbroken after answering an ad for a new puppy

20 Adorable Animals That Dislike the Vet

Igor Purlantov

An animal’s equivalent to a dentist appointment is a trip to the vet.  They can put on their best puppy face and try as hard as they want — even hide in the sink at the doctor’s office — but the visit is inevitable. Despite putting your beloved pet through so much anxiety, your little ball of fluff is just as cute when they’re a ball of nerves.Sorry, cute animals, but there is just no escaping a trip to the evil vet — no matter how adorable you look.

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Please try this at home… “Breathtaking : Death-defying bike ride on Scottish ridge scores over 3mn views (VIDEO)”