England: The Use of Wild Animals In Circuses Could Be 10 Days Away – Please Take Action Now !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



Circus CAPSPhoto: CAPS.

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The second reading of Jim Fitzpatrick’s Bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses was blocked on the 5th September in the House of Commons. This is common practice and something which is disappointing, but not unexpected.

The second reading has been rescheduled for the 17th October, and that day is fast approaching!

If you have not done so yet, please write to your MP to ask them to support the Bill at its rescheduled second reading on the 17th October.

Please click the link below to find the email address for your MP now and send that email before it’s too late!

YES! I want to take action now!

Background to the Bill

On the 3rd September 2014, Jim Fitzpatrick MP brought forward his “Ten Minute Rule Bill” to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses.

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BLM Employees Charged Taxpayers $799,000 for ‘Gift Cards’

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Joseph Perticone as published on CNSnews.com

“Brought to you by the same lovely people who are mismanaging our wild horses & burros into oblivion!” ~ R.T.

BLM_Logo(CNSNews.com) —  Wildfire management employees at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used government charge cards to by $799,000 worth of gift cards from vendors such as REI, American Express, FredMeyer and Visa, according to a report released Sept. 30 by the Interior Department’s Office of the Inspector General.

When investigators requested supporting documentation such as purchase orders, receipts, and authorizing signatures, BLM staff claimed that they were “missing,” according to the report.

The inspector general describes widespread misuse of government-issued charge cards at the agency, making the “purchase card program susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse.”

In 2010, BLM conducted an agency-wide audit of the purchase card program. Auditors traced $70,000 of the undocumented purchases to the…

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Speak NOW! Against the Grass March

Wild Horse Education

Speak Out! Speak Out!

As we advocate for wild horses and burros on public land there are many issues that must be addressed. Sometimes what is required are comments to management documents, gaining documentation, keeping the public informed and sometimes even litigation. Right now we are at a junction where a small faction of livestock “profiteers” are using their frustration at facing restrictions to the amount of cows they can turn out on America’s public land (as it suffers from drought and decades of domestic livestock production) to push an agenda aimed at complete control over public land. These livestock producers are heading to DC in what they call a “Grass March” (offensively titled after Ghandi’s salt march) taking a petition to Congress to forward an agenda that oddly… they do not even feature on their own website.

In order to find the agenda we searched articles and interviews and did find…

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Will You Be Marching With Us In April?

Nature Is Speaking – Harrison Ford is The Ocean

Today’s Monsters are Indonesia and Cambodia

Bear Cub Found Dead Under Bush In New York’s Central Park

Emilio Cogliani

NEW YORK (AP) — A bear cub has been found dead under a bush inside New York City’s Central Park, and authorities believe the body may have been dumped there.

Police say the cub was found Monday morning by a Central Park conservancy employee and there were signs of trauma to the body. Authorities suspect animal cruelty played a role in the cub’s death.

No bears were reported missing from area zoos. They’re not among the park’s known wildlife population.

The Bronx Zoo is performing a necropsy to determine how the 3-foot cub died. It wasn’t clear what type of bear it was.

from Green – The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1tsAT4n

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Serbia: Introducing ‘Freddie’ at Felix Shelter.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag

Freddie felix shelter

Introducing ‘Freddie’

From Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


Freddie is a young kitty boy who had the misfortune of being shot by a hunter with a shotgun in February of 2014.

He was found seriously injured, with a completely shattered front left leg and a broken front right leg.

Both of his injured legs were operated on months ago, but his body is still chock-full of buckshot.

After the surgeries, he spent four months in a cage with a metal rod put into one of his broken legs while the other one was splinted and two more months recovering once the metal rod was removed.

He was kept in foster care, and was not allowed to move very much . He was brought him to our shelter in August 2014, as his foster caretaker wished to give him the chance of a fulfilled life in the company of other cats.


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Writing paper you can plant in the garden

How has such a poor country like Malawi been able to make such great leaps forward in protecting its wildlife whilst wealthier countries …


Answer by Rory Young:

A team of rangers, including undercover officers in civilian attire, about to go in and ambush buyers and traffickers in a “sting” operation. No high technology here – there isn’t the money – the key is rangers skills in investigations, intel gathering, planning and dogged pursuit and apprehension..

Let’s be honest; Malawi has been hit harder by poaching than many countries. However, although one of the poorest countries in Africa, it is kçalso known for its friendly, hard-working and peaceful people. It has been known for many years as “The Warm Heart Of Africa”, a title that suits the beatiful place perfectly.

I was fortunate to live in Malawi as a child. I remember clearly the first time I tried to track lions on my own. I was eleven years old and a pride had passed along the river that ran along the bottom of…

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Teen from west Africa becomes ill in Miami with “Ebola like” symptoms


Teenager with ‘Ebola-like’ symptoms quarantined in Miami after getting sick following trip to West Africa

” A West African teen became sick while visiting Miami Beach on Sunday and grew concerned that they may have Ebola
The unnamed person was then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for tests and the hazardous materials team was called in
Authorities say there is very little risk that the teenager has Ebola but they are taking every precaution
A firm diagnosis will take 48 hours

By David Mccormack for MailOnline

Published: 08:10 EST, 6 October 2014 | Updated: 08:12 EST, 6 October 2014

A teenager from West Africa who became sick while visiting Florida caused Jackson Memorial Hospital to go on high alert on Sunday amid fears that they may have the deadly Ebola virus.

Officials said the patient took a taxi to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach after he…

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**BREAKING** Ebola Patient in Dallas Has Died – Reports

Defend Elizabeth Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from GOP Attacks

Belgian king shoots elephants and deer

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called The Elephant Documentary.

Translated from Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands:

September 30, 2014 18:06

Again, the Belgian King Philip is under fire. He was first the subject of a public debate because he hunted elephants, now it’s because he wants to shoot sixty hinds. These animals run around in a field in the Ardennes that is his property. The Belgian authorities apparently have given him permission for that.

On Monday, the Belgian monarch, incognito, took a look in a gun shop to buy a new weapon. His visit, after it was recorded by a photographer, led to a stream of criticism.

Global awareness of animal welfare or not; Philip must and will organize his traditional hunts each year. Mid-October is the time, and his guest list consists entirely of family.

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For Miami, Sea Level Rise Has Already Gone Exponential


(AP story showing the effects of 9 inches of sea level rise over the last 100 years. What the story doesn’t mention is that half of this sea level rise has occurred within the past 16 years and fully a third of it has occurred within the past 5 years. Video source: Associated Press.)

This week, Miami is scrambling to deal with a flooding emergency.

But the cause is not the looming approach of a major hurricane or even a powerful tropical storm. The flood emergency for the coming three days is simply a seasonal astronomical high tide. Something they are now calling a King Tide. A condition that arises due to solar and lunar alignment a few times every year. A gravitational flux that pushes high tides another foot or so above the normal range.

Decades or even years ago, astronomical high tide wasn’t so much of a…

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Piedmont Natural Gas Protest Saturday

Piedmont Earth First!

Global Frackdown

Join us for the Global Frackdown this Saturday in Durham or Charlotte! On this day international day of action, communities across the world are coming together for a global protest to call for a ban on fracking, a dangerous method of drilling for natural gas that puts our air, water, climate and communities at risk.

Durham’s Global Frackdown Getdown will include local bands, local brews and local food. This event is made possible by Environment North Carolina and Food and Water Watch NC.

When: Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where: Durham Central Park
501 Foster St.
Durham, NC 27701

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Follow NCWARN on Twitter     Visit NC WARN on Facebook

RSVP by contacting Liz Kazal (liz@environmentnorthcarolina.org, 228-209-4564) or Renée Maas (rmaas@fwwatch.org, 919-593-7752).

Charlotte’s Global Frackdown will be a protest in front of the Piedmont Natural Gas Corporate Office.

When: Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where: Piedmont Natural Gas
4720 Piedmont Row Dr.
Charlotte, NC…

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RT: Billion-dollar lawsuits claim GMO corn ‘destroyed’ US exports to China


This Baby Fox Found Itself In A Bit Of A Tangle, But Help Was On The Way

Emilio Cogliani

This little fox cub was tangled in a soccer net, unable to wriggle free. Luckily the Wildlife Aid Foundation came to its rescue.

“It’s amazing how many hazards wildlife come across that we just don’t consider to be hazards,” one of his rescuers says as he works on cutting the animal loose, as seen in a video the U.K.-based charity posted to YouTube on Sept. 30.

The cub apparently had struggled when it was first caught by the net and wound up bound even more tightly.

“He’s actually quite cute,” the rescuer observes. “The scary thing, the sad thing, is that 70 percent of fox cubs, young foxes, don’t make it to their first birthday. The mortality rate’s huge because of things like this.”

After the cub is finally free, the man gives it a quick massage to ease any numbness in its limbs.

The animal rescue group says…

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18 irritating things you want to avoid doing at airports

Gmail Tips: Get Organized with Labels and Filters

You Can Now Video Chat Your Dog Thanks To This Brilliant Teen’s Invention

Emilio Cogliani

At age 12, Brooke Martin of Spokane, Washington came up with a new way to stay in touch with her golden retriever. Now-14-year-old Brooke, armed with her resulting invention, iCPooch, just competed against some of the most renowned entrepreneurs in today’s tech world — and won.

Last Thursday, Brooke was named the victor of GeekWire’s first-ever “Inventions We Love” challenge for iCPooch, an automated dog-treat dispensing device and app that lets owners two-way video chat with their pets via any Android, Apple or Kindle device.

The app automatically connects your two devices, so your pet doesn’t have to “pick up the phone.” iCPooch also lets you automatically deliver a treat to your furry buddy through a device similar to a Pez dispenser.

As one of five finalists in the competition, Brooke presented her invention onstage at the 2014 GeekWire Summit. Brooke’s savvy idea and impressive stage presence won…

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WATCH: Julia Roberts Is Mother Nature and Shes Not Happy | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

julia-roberts-592x399Conservation International has launched a powerful new campaign called Nature is Speaking and has recruited A-list talent, including Julia Roberts, to kick off the series.

“I don’t really need people, but people need me,” Roberts narrates as Mother Nature in the two-minute video that was released today. “When I thrive, you thrive. When I falter, you falter.”

Roberts’ video is the first of a series of ten videos that are being posted online. The videos aim to serve as a wake-up call for us to pay attention to the nature around us, which clearly has something to say.

Though Roberts is never seen in the video, her message packs a powerful punch: humans can’t afford to take her (meaning Mother Nature) for granted.

“I’ve fed species greater than you. And I’ve starved greater species than you. My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests: They all can take you—or leave you……

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