Home made Italian dressing for Fruits and Veggies salad

Chitra's Healthy Kitchen



Italian dressing is a combination of dried herbs with a zesty vinegar. This dressing can be made ahead and stored in the refrigerated and use when required. It can be served  in pastas and salads.

This salad is a crunchy, sweet and tangy mixes with fruits and veggies. Homemade dressings are always healthy, fresh and can be customised as per the taste.

Benefits of including fruits and veggies in your diet:

For years, researchers have noted a link between eating lots of fruits and vegetables and lower risks of many diseases, particularly cancer. A recent study from the National Cancer Institute suggests that people whose diets are rich in fruits and vegetables may have a lower risk of developing cancers of the head and neck

So try this Italian dressing in any salads of your choice.

Yields-2-3 servings
Preparation time– 15 minutes

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