7 Truly Bizarre Beer Laws

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Foley captors’ ransom demand revives debate over US no-pay policy

Stop Making Sense

Ariel Zirulnick writes for The Christian Science Monitor:

‘The militant Islamist group that murdered freelance journalist James Foley had demanded a ransom from the US government before his beheading. But the US has a strict policy of not paying ransoms to terrorist groups, putting it at odds with several European countries who have paid in the past to free hostages. Mr. Foley’s death has revived the debate over the policy.The New York Times reported recently that ransoms have bankrolled Al Qaeda operations worldwide.

According to The New York Times, the self-declared Islamic State (formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) demanded a $100 million ransom for Mr. Foley, which the US refused to pay. (The Wall Street Journal cited a demand of 100 million euros.) IS has made a similar demand for Steven Sotloff, another American freelance journalist being held. The US attempted to rescue hostages…

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America’s Response To Islamic State — Pressure Grows on Obama — Hagel Makes Strong Warning — Not Just Airstrikes — Top U.S. Marine Corps General Speaks Out

Stop the blood sport of bear hunting

Our Compass

Karen Lyons Kalmenson Karen Lyons Kalmenson


Those who respect wildlife get tired of seeing smiling “hunters” posing with a weapon in one hand and holding up the head of a majestic bear with the other. In death, the bear shows more dignity than its cowardly killer.

Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., the leading black bear biologist in North America, concluded that black bears are extremely timid and pose little risk to anyone. Attacks by a black bear are so rare as to be almost nonexistent. A person is about 180 times more likely to be killed by a bee than a black bear and 160,000 times more likely to die in a traffic accident.

The New Jersey Fish and Wildlife agency propagates game species for its hunter constituents. It runs a blood “sport” killing business under the fraudulent cover of “conservation.”

Killing a black bear is a cowardly act. It’s killing…

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10 Reasons To Eat Pineapple

Nwo Report

The Health Benefits And Convenience Of Pineapple

1. Pineapple overflows with Vitamin C.
According to Nutrition Facts.com, one cup of pineapple chunks contains 131 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C, which helps protect the body against viruses and builds strong skin defenses against infection.

Instead of drinking orange juice or grapefruit juice, or restricting yourself to these common rich sources of Vitamin C, you can enjoy the juicy flavor of tropical pineapple to get your daily requirement of this important nutrient.

2. The health benefits of pineapple are numerous.
This tasty treat is low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.

However, it has generous amounts of Vitamin B6, thiamin, copper, manganese, and dietary fiber, along with trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals.

The Nutrition Facts website assigns pineapple a “completeness score” of 49 for the amount and variety of nutritional elements it contains.

It is naturally sweet…

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Koala survives after getting mouth-to-mouth and heart massage


Koala survives after getting mouth-to-mouth and heart massage

Firefighter had to throw the koala from a tall tree to waiting volunteers after it was hit by a car and climbed to safety

Popular video
James Foley’s killer speaks in an English accent – audio
Video courtesy of the Animalia Wildlife Shelter.

A wildlife rescuer has saved the life of a koala by giving it CPR after a dramatic rescue in which the animal was flung from a tall tree to its waiting rescuers.

The koala was hit by a vehicle while crossing a road in Langwarrin, in Melbourne’s southeast, on Thursday night.

It then scurried up a tree and passed out.

A motorist called Wildlife Victoria, which enlisted the help of the Country Fire Authority to get the koala down from…

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Stop the Brutal Trade in Imperiled Animals


Stop the Brutal Trade in Imperiled Animals.

Nigeria: Eating Dog Meat Does ‘Not’ Stop Ebola

3 Cuts Can Stop This

Left to fend for themselves among the dead, the tragic animals stranded in Gaza zoo as it falls apart after weeks of Israeli shelling


Left to fend for themselves among the dead, the tragic animals stranded in Gaza zoo as it falls apart after weeks of Israeli shelling

  • The zoo, in the Al-Bisan tourism park, was hit by Israeli forces targeting Hamas rocket launchers
  • The ruined site now holds sick and traumatised animals that were once the pride of a vibrant family attraction
  • Zookeeper Farid al-Hissi, who once worked at an Israeli zoo, is in shock at the devastation of his pride and joy

By Sam Webb for MailOnline

The lions sit dazed in the shade of their damaged pen, while nearby the decayed carcasses of two vervet monkeys lie contorted on the grass of a Gaza zoo.

The animals were caught in the crossfire of fighting between Israel and…

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Nail polish developed in NC could combat date rape

romance isn’t dead (by Kev- Pixdaus via Tumblr)


via Love Nature & Wildlife.

Listen up, people; can anyone identify these creatures?  Your advice will be most welcome.

Breathtaking Planet Earth via romance isn’t dead by Kev- Pixdaus via Tumblr

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A subtle message to ISIS



“As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak. You say Islam is the religion of peace,but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend. In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you…

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Cambodia: Child Dog-Meat Butchers

Guinea, West Africa: Dog Meat and Ebola

AUTOPSY: Michael Brown Was Not Shot in the Back, but 6 Times to the Front

(GRAPHIC VIDEO) Islamic State Beheads American Journalist James Foley


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Total Breakdown In Less Than 24 Hours: Images and Videos of Missouri Riots and Looting

a12iggymom's Blog

Over the weekend a police officer shot and killed a teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. While the circumstances of the incident are still unclear, what is clear is that our seemingly stable society is just hours away from a total breakdown given the right trigger event.

Within a few hours of the incident residents of the town began assembling, a move that drew a quick response from law enforcement, who set up police lines. Some came geared up with riot masks, shields and rifles.




SEE VIDEOS, PHOTOS AND READ MORE: http://worldtruth.tv/total-breakdown-in-less-than-24-hours-images-and-videos-of-missouri-riots-and-looting/

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Quarantine Police: shoot-on-sight order given to soldiers in Ebola-wary Liberia for any border crossers

The Extinction Protocol

August 2014AFRICA – Liberia’s armed forces have reportedly been given orders to shoot people trying to illegally cross the border from neighboring Sierra Leone, which was closed to stem the spread of Ebola. Soldiers stationed in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties, which border Sierra Leone, were to ‘shoot on sight’ any person trying to cross the border, said deputy chief of staff, Colonel Eric Dennis, according to local newspaper the Daily Observer. The order comes after border officials reported people continued to cross the porous border illegally. Grand Cape Mount county had 35 known ‘illegal entry points,’ according to immigration commander Colonel Samuel Mulbah. Illegal crossings were a major health threat, said Mulbah, ‘because we don’t know the health status of those who cross at night.’ Liberia closed its borders with Sierra Leone weeks ago in an attempt to contain the Ebola outbreak, which killed more…

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:) :) :) Kevin Annett: Child Sacrifice Ritual stopped, and Pope Francis set to resign:

Report: More Than a Dozen Witnesses Have Corroborated Officer Darren Wilson’s Version of Ferguson Shooting

a12iggymom's Blog

Aug. 18, 2014 Jason Howerton http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/08/18/report-more-than-a-dozen-witnesses-have-corroborated-officer-darren-wilsons-version-of-ferguson-shooting/

More than a dozen witnesses have backed up the account of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the controversial shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, police sources reportedly told St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers.

Byers also reported on Monday that Brown’s body was transported from the county medical examiner to a funeral home and then back to the medical examiner for three autopsies.

Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting #Ferguson
— Christine Byers (@ChristineDByers) August 19, 2014

Protests continued on Monday night, more than a week after Brown was fatally shot by Wilson.

Though Wilson has not spoken publicly about his side of the story, an alleged friend of the officer, identified only as Josie, shared what she claimed to be Wilson’s recollection of events. CNN later confirmed that the woman’s account matches…

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Nestlé Announces Groundbreaking Global Animal Welfare Reforms

Art, animals, and the earth


Thank you to N.G. Jayasimha, H.S.I., for this information.

World’s Largest Food Company Aims to Overhaul Chicken, Pig and Cow Treatment throughout Supply Chain

MUMBAI, India (21 Aug. 2014)–Nestlé–the world’s largest food company and makers of iconic brands–such as Nestlé Milkmaid and MAGGI–announced<http://www.nestle.com/asset-library/documents/creating%20shared%20value/rural_development/nestle-commitment-farm-animal-welfare.pdf> an industry-leading animal welfare program that will eliminate several controversial yet standard practices within its global supply system.

Particularly, Nestlé’s new policy states that it will eliminate practices like confining pigs in gestation crates, calves in veal crates and egg-laying hens in cages; the forced rapid growth of chickens used for meat products; and cutting the horns, tails and genitals off farm animals without painkiller.

Humane Society International applauded the announcement.

“We thank Nestle for taking a stand against inhumane factory farming practices,” said N.G. Jayasimha, director of HSI India. “Cruelly confining animals in cages for their entire lives, castrating or removing their tails or…

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Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


elephant obama ndrc

Photo: NRDC



The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is preparing to issue regulations to crack down on the skyrocketing trade in elephant ivory, which led to the deaths of more than 30,000 elephants in 2012. But special interest groups like the NRA are fighting to weaken or delay those rules. Urge President Obama and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to stand strong and propose tough protections right now that will rein in the U.S. ivory market — the second largest in the world — and save elephants from extinction.



Source and petition link:


Make Your Voice Heard!

President Barack Obama

Daniel M. Ashe, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Propose strong protections now to combat elephant poaching

Dear President Obama and Director Ashe:

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Last Of The Millenniums

Sheldon works with Penny in the cheesecake factory

Cute Cat Plays Fetch With His Collar

Wing Suiter Meets His Maker

bucket credit13

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

credit-roflgifs credit-roflgifs

credit-sober-in-a-nightclub credit-sober-in-a-nightclub

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

credit-sober-in-a-nightclub credit-sober-in-a-nightclub

bucket credit9

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Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food


via Nestle/Gerber Won’t Listen: Boycott the Company Who Puts GMO Bt Toxins in Baby Food | NationofChange.

Like many food producers supplying some of the most popular foods, some baby food companies, such as Purity Brands, are going GMO-free due to public demand. But other companies stuffed with the hot air of their own inflated CEO’s egos refuse – Nestlé International, the parent company of both Nestlé USA and Gerber baby foods – is adamant about using GMOs in their products. It looks like it’s time for another boycott.

Many parents in the U.S. and North America are unknowingly feeding their infants and small children Gerber Baby Foods which contain genetically modified corn and soy, both of which contain Bt toxins, a registered pesticide with the USFDA.

If it was sold at Home…

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You will see this if you are using the right side of your brain.

I am Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!

Oil Pastels by Mary

Mad?  Oh yes I am and beyond any words that I can express here.  Discouraged?  Totally of people’s lack of moral judgement, inner-compass of values and code of conduct.  Disappointed?  Yes – I’m totally disappointed, that there are people out there who think they can take what is not theirs and what?  Make money?  Or draw traffic to their website?   Why all in the name of getting known?  No it’s more than that . . .

I’m calling you out right here and now:



Last week completely by chance I discovered that these two sites/companies confiscated images of several of my paintings and have placed their identity as the authors of my work.  Are you serious?!  Doing a search on Google, Dogpile, Yahoo, etc. of “oil pastel seascapes” I found several of my paintings with these two companies as the owner – OH NO YOU DON’T! 

I found…

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USA: Major Breaking News 21/8/14 – ‘Mercy For Animals’ – Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals! – Nestle Introduce Massive Welfare Changes.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


SAV Comment:  If every day was as good a news bringer as this; there would be many more good days !! – Congratulations to our friends at MFA – job well done !



Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals!

Nestle, the largest food company in the world, has just announced perhaps the single largest and most sweeping corporate animal welfare policy change in history!

The announcement follows a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation late last year that revealed shocking cruelty at a Wisconsin dairy factory farm supplier for DiGiorno Pizza, a Nestle company.

MFA’s undercover footage showed workers kicking, beating, and stabbing cows, and cows who were too sick or injured to stand being callously tortured and dragged by their fragile legs and necks with a chain attached to a tractor.

You helped us push for convictions of four workers charged with…

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More wild horses die at BLM’s Scott City, Kansas facility

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  Garden City News

Wild horses deaths now up to 75, corral managers deny wrongdoing

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Dorian Ayache, Slaughter-horse hauler, enters plea

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE: wsmv.com

Slaughter-horse hauler enters plea

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) –A plea deal is in the works for a slaughter-horse hauler that could include no prison time and a fine of less than $25,000.Dorian Ayache is the owner of  Three Angels Farm in Lebanon, a trucking company whose rickety trailers wrecked on the interstate twice in 2012, endangering drivers and causing several injured horses to be euthanized.Ayache was facing 26 years in prison for violating a U.S. Department of Transportation order to shut down after inspectors found numerous safety violations.Tuesday, Ayache entered a guilty plea in federal court. If it’s accepted, all the charges against him will be dropped except one: failing to maintain a current driver’s log.The maximum fine he faces is $25,000.Ayache would serve six months in prison at most, but he could end up serving no time at all.

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